Sunday, 18 July 2010

Favorite cards part one

Over the next few post I'm going to showcase and talk about some of my favorite cards. First off we have a 2007 Topps Triple Threads Adam Lind RC numbered 1 of 75.

I picked this card up from Ebay about two months ago. I remember that there was a bit of a bidding war but I managed to snipe it at the last minute. I cant remember the final price but I think I may have paid more than I should have because it is seriel numbered number one, which as you all know makes this an Ebay 1 of 1!
I do remember that the shipping for this card was cheap, probably around $5 which is the average price I have to pay for most of the cards I get from EBay. I have been ripped off a number of times with shipping charges, That deserves an entire post all by its self.
I dont own many high end cards and I would NEVER buy a pack or box of Triple threads because in my opinion its not worth the money. Dont get me wrong, you can pull some sweet cards from this product but only if your buying it by the case.
The card features Linds auto ( on a sticker!) and also three pieces of bat. Its a real sweet card and one of my favorites of my Lind collection. Over the next few posts I'll be featuring Lind. Just to let you know I'm NOT a Blue Jays fan, just a Lind fan.


  1. Nice card... I won't dish out the $$$ for a pack of this stuff either... but I've bought several singles from Triple Threads because I like the designs. I actually don't mind the sticker autos too much in this product, because they blend it in.

  2. Your right it does blend in nicely. Although it would have been nice if it was written on the card with silver ink on a black background.