Sunday, 18 July 2010

Favorite cards part 3

Here's another one of my favorite cards and again it features Adam Lind.

The card in question is a 2007 Exquisite endorsements. The card is serial numbered 50/50 and was the first high end card I ever bought. This was also one of the first cards I picked up from COMC. It cost $9 and I picked it up along with a number of other Adam Lind cards from the site, which was a big mistake, more about that in a later post.
Cards that are either the first or last of the print one tend to be the most sought after and as I said in an earlier post this would be considered another Ebay 1/1. I don't see it as a 1/1 because its not! Its 1 card out of 50 cards.
I was impressed with the card the second I got it. Its a very thick card, about the same thickness of about 4 or 5 cards and luckily it came in the right size toploader. You would not believe how difficult it is to find some of the bigger toploaders over here in the UK! The card features an auto of Lind on a clear sticker and looks outstanding! I was never a fan of Upper Deck when I first got into to collecting in the 90's and it was something I carried over until earlier this year until I picked up a few Masterpieces and a few more exquisite cards. I didn't think I would miss UD when they lost their license but I do. Don't get me wrong, Topps are doing a great job and have released some nice cards this year but with no 'official' competition things will go down hill.
This is not my favorite card in my collection, that will be coming up in about 10 posts or so. That's right you have to sit through more posts of Adam Lind! HA!
I have been asked on more than one occasion why I collect Adam Lind, since I'm a Giants fan and Lind is a Jay. Well the answer is all down to fantasy baseball. I got back into the game last year, right at the beginning of the season and thought I'd have a go at fantasy. Since I hadn't followed the game since 2000/01 I had no idea who most of the players were! Gone were the familiar names of Bonds, McGwire, Clemens and Sosa. In were new names Lincecum, Pujols and Longoria. I quickly learned who these guys were and added a few of them to my team. I filled my team up blind, just picked guys who I thought sounded good and how much they were worth. I needed one more player and choose Lind because he was cheap. He ended up scoring the most points for my team, behind Lincecum. I didn't win anything, infact I think I came around 600th out of 2000 other teams but still I thought that was pretty good for my first go.
So basically I collect Lind because he did well for my fantasy team. Unfortunately he is having a terrible year so far but it is picking up for him. He wont end the season with the numbers he produced last year but you never know...

Next up will either be Lind or another Thomson.


  1. I love the Exquisite cards,I have 3 or 4 James Shields ones.

  2. Hey Simon! Hows it going? glad you found the blog. Exquisite are stunning cards, I hope to pick up a few more in the future.

  3. Have a read lmk what you think. Sister got you some packs of heritage,when she gets round to letting me know the cost and how many packs she got i will send you an e mail.

  4. The heritage sounds great. just drop me a line about that. Just about to check your blog!