Saturday, 6 November 2010

Taking inspiration from the Hairylemon

A few days (weeks?) back, Simon AKA the Hairylemon posted on his blog 7 Hours from Tampa Bay a really nice James Shields card that he picked up. Click on the link to see that post and the card.
The card he posted about was a Shields Sweet Spot 2006 Leather Auto 5/20. I really liked the look of the leather inside the card and the autograph worked really well with it. Unfortunately I couldn't find the Adam Lind equivalent. He does have a few 2007 Sweet Spot Leather cards available, all of which have fairly low print runs.

I did however find this little beauty sitting on a few days ago!

This is a 2007 Sweet Spot Signatures Black Bat Barrel Silver Ink numbered 9/15.

Like I said this came from as opposed to my usual haunt, is a much better site for cards but I'd say around 75% of the sellers will not ship outside of the country and most don't even respond to a question about shipping which is a real pain in the arse. The sellers that do send overseas charge anything from $1 (in a PWE) up to $24.99, which in most cases is double or even triple the cost of the card they are selling. The seller of this card charged a little more than I like to pay, $6.50 but the chances of me seeing this card again is pretty slim so I was happy to pay.

I actually had to let a few other cards in my watch list end without bidding on them in order to go after this one. I even let what could have been my first and only 1/1 slip through my fingers so I had to make sure I won this card and thanks to a little sniping in the closing seconds this baby is making its way to Wales!

This card is number 125 in my collection, hope to get to 175 by Christmas but its getting harder to find newer cards at reasonable prices or to trade.

Does anyone out there have any Lind cards that they want to trade or even sell? I'm looking for everything, not just autos and GU. Please get in touch if you have something you think I may like.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

A few new pick ups

I haven't written anything for a while but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy picking up new cards for the collection.

Its been difficult finding the time to set aside to write something, what with the playoffs and World Series and the fact I was averaging between two to four hours sleep each night because I wanted to watch the games live. It sucks following a sport that is played thousands of miles away!

Anyway congratulations to the Giants! Who'd have thought it? What will happen next season? Will they manage to keep up the kind of dominance that they showed in the NLCS and WS? Will they be able to keep the players that are going into free agency and will they pick up any new players? Obviously with that bum Zito being paid an obscene amount of money to keep the bench warm they probably wont be picking up many star players, although I did read earlier that they are going to entertain the idea of going after Carl Crawford. I guess we'll all have to wait and see until next year. I hate the off season.

Right onto the new additions. As usual I have stolen the scans from the seller that I bought from and from COMC. I can truly say that all cards pictured are the actual cards that I picked up and not just a random stolen pic, unless of course the seller I got them from had stolen the scan from someone else.

First up is a card that I already have but another copy showed up on the bay and I just had to grab it.

The top card is the new addition, numbered 10/20 and it goes well with the bottom card numbered 19/20. I like the idea of collecting as many of the same low numbered card so I will be keeping my eyes peeled for another few copies. I was surprised at how cheap this card was and hope that the others, should I find them, are going to be as cheap.

This is one of those manufactured bat barrels that just came out in Topps Update. I had this card on my watch list from the first day it appeared on eBay and watched like a hawk, ready to pounce in the dieing seconds of the auction. With about 15 seconds to go I entered a bid of $10, thinking I would win. I was wrong. With mere seconds to go I entered another bid of $14.50 and again was outbid. Someone wanted the card badly and they got it. I was gutted that I lost out on it. I dont know why but after the auction ended I clicked on the item again. I dont know if you have done that yourself but when you do, eBay suggests similar cards that you may like. The card that popped up was the above card that was listed literally within minutes of the auction that I lost ended and even better than that it was a BIN of $10! This beauty is going to find a nice new home in the UK.

This is the auto that is also in Update. For some reason these cards are also proving quite popular with almost all of them on the bay seeing some sort of action. When it comes to shopping on eBay, shipping plays a big part in deciding what I'm going to pick up. This card had a higher price than others but the shipping balanced it out. Also it wasn't just one auto in the auction it was two. So I thought why not and placed a bid for the opening the price and managed to win. So I have two of these cards, not sure if I want two. If it was numbered then I would keep it but since its not I may trade on the second copy.

This is not the last card that I picked up but its the last one that I'm going to show, I have to keep some back for another post!

This is a 2010 TTT numbered out of 75. I already have the copy numbered out of 50 but I like this one better. The blue really works and it looks brighter. This card I got for $4! I was very happy with the price and had to double check the ended listing to make sure I read it right because that price was stupidly low. And thats when I saw it. In the item description the card is listed as damaged. How the hell did I miss that the first time? The cardboard is peeling slightly above the jersey piece on the number 6. Its barely noticeable so I guess thats OK. If I was picking this card up for trade bait then I would be really pissed off at myself for not reading the description more carefully but since its going into my own collection I'm not to bothered.
I'm now on the look out for the TTT numbered out of 99 but for some crazy reason it always ends much higher than the cards numbered out of 50 and 75. I dont know why that is and since I got bargains on the other two I dont want to pay a premium on a card with a larger print run.
I guess I'll just wait it out since I'm sure this is just a blip and that card will start leveling out in price.