Friday, 12 November 2010

Even more Adam Lind pick ups!

Back again with some Lind cards that I have recently picked up.

Its been like Christmas this week with an average of three bubble mailers dropping through my letter box everyday! Its been fun, especially since I have been off the last few days trying to crack Black Ops, thats a tough game!

Anyway onto the goodies! (WARNING BLURRY PICTURES AHEAD!)

First up with have this 2007 Upper Deck Spectrum Die Cut Gold Rookie numbered 04/50. I'm not familiar with this product at all, in-fact I had never heard of it until someone on the The Bench responded to a thread I had started.

Its not a particulier nice looking set. The card is not your traditional rectangular ship. As you can see in the picture, the edges kinda slope off on both the top right and bottom left. I dont think that looks good at all. When I see a card thats shaped in a strange way I just think that its more prone to damage. Why cant cards just be the same shape? Whats wrong with that?

Next is a new Exquisite I can add to my collection. I love Exquisite! The cards just scream quality.

This card is numbered 20/40 and features Lind with Blue Jays pitcher Jesse Litsch. I'm not to sure who Litsch is so I had to do a little research about him. It looks as if he has been up and down to the minors since coming up with Jays in 2007. He has 21-24 win/loss record and 194 strikeouts. Not to bad. Hes still a young guy so who knows, he may find his form one day, since he most definitely has the skills.

The final card I'll show is this 2007 Moments and Milestones Rookie. I think this came from the same guy as the Exquisite. I thought I already had this card but it turns out I didnt. Its not a bad looking card. My only criticism is that the sticker auto is inserted into a cut out in the card, I dont think that was necessary and does not make the card look any better.

That's it for now, I have a few more to show off in the coming days.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Who wants to trade?

While I take a quick break from playing COD Black Ops, I thought I would see if any of you out there would like to trade for any of the following:





mini black

mini black



Mini cycles /99

Johnny Bench


I'm looking for Adam Lind cards I dont have, 2010 A&G minis, 2010 Topps Heritage or whatever I like the look of.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Fake Pujols autos verdict.

Yesterday I posted this. This is an auction from the same seller featuring 2 different Albert Pujols cards. Both cards are 1/1 autographs and both looked fake to me. What did everyone else think?

Well after postings about this on SCR and TheBench everyone who viewed the posts agreed that they were fake.

I also email Gelman from SCU, since hes always posting about fakes. He got back to me very quickly also agreeing they were fake.

The Hairylemon started a thread on SCF, where the majority believed they were fake. There is one idiot on that thread who swore blind they were real and even provided the proof in the form of a Beckett checklist. Unfortunately for him the cards in the checklist were different to the cards in the auction.
A thread was also started on FCB, surprise surprise, the consensus there was also fake.
I even contacted the seller to voice my concern. I thought maybe he didnt know what he had, since I have since learned that many people have been duped by fake Bowman Original buybacks.

Here are the messages I sent followed by the replies:

ME - Hi, Do you have anymore information about this card and the other Pujols you are selling? Why are they in Bowman original cases when neither card are a Bowman product and neither appear on the checklist? Thanks

SELLER - they are hand signed single cards they did not come from packs

OK. So that sounds like they are IP autos, right?

ME - Thanks for the response. How did they end up in a Bowman Original case? What company has authenticated them?

SELLER - The holo can be confirmed w them for confirmation of authenticity.

ME - Sorry but I do not believe Pujols signed either card for the Topps company. The Bowman Originals product is very well known for having forgeries and many dealers have been burned with these cards.
Even comparing them to other autos of him in other peoples collections, they aren't even close.

SELLER - been there done that mate, its all Kosher. Those in the know, bid and win. Cheers for your cynicism.

Notice he didnt actually answer any of my questions.

Well that seller has made himself around £250 on two fake autos. Good work if you can get it.
I feel bad for the people who bid on these cards but seriously if your dropping that sort of cash on a card you must have a basic idea of what your buying. I always check the seller out, maybe google them if I think something might be wrong. If something doesn't look right I'll ask a question. I have made mistakes by not reading the description properly and have ended up winning a damaged card, like this Lind TTT but that was no big deal.
I hope the buyer tries to get the card graded and learns the hard way and then does a chargeback on the seller.
This seller, silvermakergems, does not sell many cards but incase he does you should avoid them like the plague.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Fake cards on eBay UK

I have never come across fake card sellers on eBay UK, at least none that I have noticed.

Its very rare that a high dollar card will be listed on this site as the majority of cards are basic team lots, junk wax and a couple of autos/GU every now and then.

While checking over what new cards have been listed I came across this.

Now I have no proof that this fake, other than the fact the auto doesn't look right, the 1/1 is marked 01/01 ( I'm pretty sure thats not a Topps trait) and its a Bowman Originals buyback case but contains a Topps Heritage.

This is the back of the same card. Notice it says Bowman on the case and below it says Certified Autograph Issue. The auction also says it comes with a hologram code, which you can see on the case. Isn't there a site that you can enter this code to see what it matches? Can anyone tell me what that site is because it would be handy to know.

I have just checked the the Bowman Original checklist and it does not contain any cards that were not Bowman products, so this Topps Heritage should have no place in this set.

Now perhaps I'm jumping the gun and this card is 100% legit but how would that explain this:

Same seller with another Pujols 1/1 auto. Again this is not a Bowman product! This is 2002 T206 and just like the previous card has absolutely no place in this set.

So what do you think? Fake or real?

I'm going with fake and will be watching this auction over the next twenty four hours to see what it goes for or to see if its pulled.

If you're interested in checking out these piss poor listing's then here are the links: Heritage and T206.