Thursday, 14 July 2011

Swag from Topps jumbo series 2 break with Arbitrary Crap

This is the second break that I've done with Martyn over at Arbitrary Crap . It was a great break and the first Jumbo that I've ever participated in. There were a few other people involved in the break such as Simon from 7 hours from Tampa and Colin from everyone favourite forum Sports Card Radio. There were others but I'm not sure if they have blogs/sites.

All teams were randomised, as were the Diamond anniversary giveaways and the Prime 9s.

As this was Jumbo there were 50 cards per pack and 3 hits per box. We did very well with this box!!

I'll just show of the highlights from my share, I'll let Martyn show off the others on his blog.

At the top of the page is one of the Golds I received. I did get about 4, maybe 5 including a few Giants players but the Longo is my favourite out of the bunch. Like all Topps Golds this card is numbered out of the year of release. In this case out of 2011.

Next I got this filthy Dodger, Don Sutton. This is a 60 years of Topps Original backed card and it is for trade. Any Dodgers fans out there want it?

My favourite basecard that I got was this Brandon Belt RC. Belt started out the season strongly before quickly losing steam. He was sent back down the minors to improve his skills. Still Belt will be become a key member of the Giants organisation in the next couple of years.

This is my absolute best card that I got in the break. Its the Giants team card Diamond Paralell version. It features the closer Brian Wilson and catcher Buster Posey celebrating the last out against Texas in the 2010 World Series.

There we have it, my highlights from the break. I know that some of the other guys got some better cards than me. including an auto, GU and two legends variation cards (Mantle and Aaron)

So a huge thanks to Martyn for hosting yet another break. I cant wait for the next one to happen!!