Thursday, 22 July 2010

Favorite cards part 6

After seeing the Hairylemons blog earlier I thought I'd show off another one of my Exquisite cards.

I picked this up on a COMC binge a while back and was the most expensive Lind card that I picked up at $20. Is it wrong to be thankful Lind is having a bad year so I can pick his cards up cheap?

Its numbered 10/35 and features 2 other guys ruining a perfectly good Lind card. Only joking. I really wanted this card because I didn't own any multiple auto cards at the time, in fact I think this is still the only one that I do own. When I saw it pop up on COMC I had to have it. It was actually listed moments before I was going to complete checkout. I just thought that I'd have one more quick scan at the Lind cards on offer before I finish and there it was! I quickly loaded a little bit more credit onto my account and snapped it up.

Also featured on the card are two other players. From the top we have Kansas City Royals player Billy Butler. I don't have anything bad to say about this guy. Hes having a great year when you compare him to Lind. 27 doubles, 111 hits and a respectable 314 average.

The second guy is Brandon Wood of the Anaheim Angels. Wood is struggling this year with a 168 average. I believe hes currently back in the minors but at least hes still trying and is still signed with a major team.

The clear sticker used on the Exquisite cards really work in my opinion and I think this is something Topps should do if they cant have the players sign on card. The only problem I have with exquisite cards is their thickness. I DO love the thickness of the cards but hate the fact that I cant find any toploaders that fit them! I have a few toploaders that I can place my exquisites in but I'm screwed if I pick up another one and it doesn't have a toploader because I don't have any more to spare. If your selling a card like this then the least you can do is send it in the appropriate protection. I don't mind getting base cards that have been placed in sleeves and then sandwiched in between two thick pieces of cardboard but when I receive a card like this and its sent in the same fashion it really pisses me off!

Perhaps someone out there can educate me on the size of toploaders to pick up for exquisite or slightly thicker cards. When I do a search for them online they don't indicate what cards they fit. They have a point system to describe the different sizes available and I have no idea what the hell they are talking about! So if you know whats what and can tell me what size the different points fit then please drop me a line.


  1. My favorite card holders are the card saver 1's. Everyone sells the card saver 2's, but the 1's can fit really thick cards. Maybe even the exquisite triple auto you have. Sometimes the 'extra thick' top loaders come 'too big' and your card is sliding around.

  2. Many thanks. I'll look into them.