Monday, 19 July 2010

remind me...

So you get a stack of new cards, some you need and some you don't. You put out some feelers for possible trades and you get a few bites. Then you get a few more bites and then a few more. Before you know it you have multiple trade talks going on with quite a few people. You have cards scattered around sorted into different piles. Team piles, set piles and player piles. It looks organised to start with but soon it gets confusing. You start to ask yourself:
Who wanted the heritage dupes? Why do I have a stack of Mariners cards? Didn't I mail this card already?
Your trade piles turn into miniature leaning towers of Pisa and before you know it everything is mixed together and your going through emails and various trade posts trying to decipher what you said you would trade and who you would trade it with.
This happens to me a lot and my memory is not great at the best of times. If I have agreed on a trade with you or you have asked me about a trade and I have not gotten back to you then please remind me.
The best way to remind me is....

A swift kick up the arse!
But since that will hurt sending me an email will work just as well or just leave a comment on my trade pages.

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