Saturday, 22 October 2011

2011 Topps Finest break part 1

How long have I been away from this blog?
To damn long.
Anyway I'm back and with a six box break of 2011 Topps Finest baseball!
I pre-ordered a case way back in May and have been eagerly awaiting its arrival since then.
Each case contains 8 boxes, each box contains 2 mini boxes, each mini box contains 6 packs each and each pack contains 5 cards. There are also two guaranteed autos in each box.
I was very pleased with the results of the boxes that I broke. Even though there are only 5 cards per pack I was able to complete 2 base sets, which surprised me. The base card are of high quality and look great. Much like you would expect from the annual Finest release. I haven't scanned any base but I'm sure that you've all seen them already.
I'll be breaking this down into a few different posts in which I'll be focusing on the hits. Theres no particular order to the following cards, I'm just showing them in what ever order I feel like.
Brandon Belt RC auto 398/499
Refractor /499
Out of all the autos I got this is the only one that I will be definitely keeping.
The Giants had high hopes for Belt at the start of the season and Belt came out of swinging. Unfortunately Belt struggled and was demoted back to the minors a few times. I feel like Belt will achieve his potential in time for next season and bring a much needed bat to the Giants line up.
Die Cut /10
This card was a surprise that came out of the last mini box. I had no idea that there were Die Cuts in this set and also had no idea they were so low numbered!
I could have done a lot worse than Ryan Braun. But then again I could have done better and pulled low numbered Pujols...
Albert Pujols Finest Foundation /5
Like this one /5
Probably one of the best cards from the entire break! The card is not serial numbered anywhere but it has been confirmed that the purples are out of 5.
Mike Moustakas RC auto 353/499
Moose RC /499
The final card for this post is this Mike Moustakas RC auto. This was the first dual relic auto that I pulled from the boxes and set the flow of the break nicely.
More to follow over the next few days including the case hit and a Purple rookie auto /5.