Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Been a while

Its been a long, long time since I last posted. I haven't lost interest in this hobby, infact its probably become much more obsessive for me because its been difficult to dedicate the time to it. So any spare time that I have managed to grab has been used to scour eBay, COMC and all the blogs and forums that I frequent.

There has been two main reasons for not blogging and for not participating on the forums. Firstly my Grandfather was taken into hospital in February and hes still there. Hes improving greatly but unfortunately hes suffering with both dementia and Parkinson's so its taking its toll on my family.

Secondly both my wife and I were informed in March that our jobs were being moved to India and that we were being made redundant. Yay. So I've been spending time updating my CV, practising interview techniques and also looking for a job. We both have until July and then its time to find a new job. Thankfully though, we're expecting a nice payout from the company so at least we'll be OK until we land a new job. I hope to find a job before I leave my current position so I can use my redundancy money on something useful such as cards and more cards.

Anyway in the brief moments that I spent on eBay I did manage to pick up three new cards.

First of all I picked up the above 2007 Upper Deck Lind RC Green predictor edition. I picked up really cheap on the bay but I dont know much about it. I understand that they are fairly rare and were only part of a redemption set, other than that I know nothing about it. It is exactly the same as the base version apart from the obvious green borders and embossed 'predictor edition' on the front of the card. Still its a nice addition to the collection.

Next is this 2010 Topps Black numbered 23/58. I have been after one of these for about a year and now I finally own one! I honestly didnt think this card would ever arrive. I won it back in the beginning of March and it didnt show up until today, after almost a month and half. I always give a card 4 weeks or so from the time I paid until I expect it to arrive. After the 4 weeks had passed I contacted the seller expecting to be told that the card was shipped and its probably lost. But to my surprise the seller messaged me back apologising that they had forgotten to send it and they would get it out to me ASAP. I did not expect to see it and was going to start a chargeback on Monday but the seller was telling truth and I now finally have this card in hand. Now do I leave feedback for the seller? I'll need to think about that one.

The last card I got as a birthday gift from my mother. She had no clue what I wanted and just said to pick a card on eBay and she'd get it for me. Well the first card that I saw was for the above 2011 Heritage stamp card numbered out of 62. It was a BIN with a price slightly higher than the completed auctions for the same card although the seller was offering free worldwide shipping so taking that into account it actually worked out cheaper than most of the completed listings. This marks my first Lind of 2011. Its actually a pretty cool looking card. The borders are very bright in person and the stamps are placed behind plastic to stop any wear and tear. I believe each player in the Heritage stamp set has two different cards two different cards so I'll need to keep my open for the other one.

That's it for now. I hope to post again very soon.