Saturday, 23 October 2010

Picking up more Adam Lind cards for the PC

This past few weeks I have been selling cards on eBay to help me pay for new Lind cards that come up. I managed to sell the majority of my cards for what I wanted for them, except for the Gold Mini Ichiro which I was disappointed with, but shit happens and it did pay for my T206 lot that I won.
A few weeks ago I got to 71 cards and planned to get to 100 different cards by Christmas. Well I've smashed past 100 cards in less than a month. I now have 112 Lind cards in my collection, actually I have 98 in hand, the others have just been dispatched from COMC but I should have them in a week or so.

The above card is a 2007 Topps Co-Signers auto numbered out of 75. This card was an auction as opposed to 90% of the Lind cards that are on the bay as BINs. I managed to snag it for a fraction of the price of other Lind's that were numbered out of 200 and 275.

This card is one that I have been after for a while. A Sweet Spot silver auto numbered out of 99. Its not to often that one of these will appear on eBay UK, although I'm aware of many on eBay US but the sellers will not ship to the UK or they will if I'm willing to pay $25 shipping and thats not going to happen!
This card was one of those auctions with a BIN attached. I had it in my watch list from the first day it was listed and I was awfully tempted to pull the trigger and hit the BIN. Well it was ending at 5am UK time and I was up late watching the playoffs (I'm averaging around 3 - 4 hours sleep because of these games, but its so worth it! Go Rangers!) Well just before I went to bed I thought I would bid the minimum and check it when I woke up.
When I checked my emails the next day I was pleased to see a message from eBay to say I had won it. I got it for just under half of what the BIN was listed at. Love it when I pick up a card cheaper than I thought it would be.

Lastly this arrived this morning. A 2007 Finest xfractor numbered just to 50. I got an incredible price on this but the shipping was a bitch! The card cost me a penny, yes one shiny new penny! The shipping was $5.99. So $6 total. I'm not happy to pay shipping that high unless its something that I know will not appear to often. The card arrived with $1.80 shipping stamp attached, no idea where the seller got the rest of the shipping price but I'm guessing it was high to discourage international bidders.
Now I have set myself a new goal and thats to get to 175 Adam Lind cards by Christmas. This will probably be tough because there are now only 8 cards that I need from COMC but they are from sellers that are trying to sell the cards at twice BV. So I will be counting on cards from the bay and whatever trades I can muster up.