Monday, 27 June 2011

2011 Topps Opening Day Joint break with Arbitrary Crap.

A few weeks back Martyn over at Arbitrary Crap emailed to say he was going to pick up a box of 2011 Opening day and asked if I would like to get in on it.

Yes came my answer, of course I'd like to get in on it!! Even though Opening Day is not really on my radar there was an Adam Lind card in there that I needed. Plus I've seen some of the inserts on other blogs and they look cool!

The box took two weeks or so to make its journey from Germany (my closest LCS!) to Martyns home in Blackburn. A few emails were fired back and forth trying to arrange a time to film the break and thanks to some problems my end I was very nearly late to the party on Ustream.

Luckily with Facebook chat I was able to get hold of Martyn right as the break was starting. We both agreed to split the packs 50/50. I would take the odd packs, Martyn the even packs and on top of that we both choose three teams that we really wanted.

I choose - Blue Jays, Mariners and Giants.

Martyn choose - Phillies, Mets and Red Sox.

Now of course neither of us expected to hit anything of note. I think the odds of hitting an auto is 1:800 or there abouts. This break was purely for the cards.

Those of you that have Opened 2011 Topps flagship are familiar with the design since its exactly the same apart from the Opening Day stamp and the lack of foil on the name and team badge.

That's enough of the foreplay let me just show you what I got!!

Notable base:

Stephen Strasburg

Jose Bautista


Josh Hamilton

Manny Ramirez

James Shields

Evan Longoria

Jason Heyward

Your 2010 World Series Champions:

Madison Bumgarner

Matt Cain

Aubrey Huff

Tim Lincecum

Buster Posey

Jonathan Sanchez

Pablo Sandoval

Andres Torres

The Beard


Team Mascots:

Baltimore Orioles

Rangers Captain

Kansas City Royals


Toronto Blue Jays

This is an insert set that I quite like, not enough to actively collect but if a few were to end up in my hands I'd happily give them a home. And by the way, the Rangers mascot is lame. Really lame.

Presidential First Pitch:

Woodrow Wilson

Ronald Reagan

George W.Bush

Another cool insert set with a nice little blurb on the back of each card. Reagan for instance spent the next inning and a half in the Radio booth helping with the broadcast.

Superstar Celebrations:

Matt Holliday

Prince Fielder

Nick Markakis

Ubaldo Jimenez

I can see what Topps are doing with this subset and the idea is pretty cool. Take a picture of a player celebrating a win or some sort of on field achievement. I dont like them.

Spot the Error:

Buster Posey

Hanley Ramirez

Jose Bautista

Jason Heyward

Since this product is aimed at kids I really shouldn't criticize this insert set. Its a good idea and maybe Topps are trying to get cards to stare at the cards long enough for them to want to collect more and more of them. Just like some crazy Pokemon-esque subliminal message 'Gotta Catch Them All!'. Like I said though it is a good idea, its just not my cup of tea.

Stadium Lights:

Miguel Cabrera

Brilliant concept, not something I'd want to see a whole set of though. Oh and it doesnt glow as bright as you would expect.

Opening Day Stars:

Albert Pujols

Joe Mauer

Miguel Cabrera

Love it. Such awesome looking cards. These cards stood out above anything else in the massive stack of cards that Martyn sent my way. The cards really do look 3D and look a whole much better than the 3D cards that were around in the 90's. Saying that though it probably is the same technology.

The Hits!!

Shin Soo Choo

The Beard

Ricky Romero

Tyler Colvin

Not really hits but they were the best to come out of the box. All are numbered out of 2011. These are exactly the same as the Topps Golds except obviously the cards are in blue, a really nice blue actually.

Well that was the first break that I've done with Martyn. The first of many I hope.