Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Favorite cards part 5

Back to my favorite cards for this post! What we have this time is a 2010 National Chicle artist proof.

This has been signed by the artist of the card, Brett Farr, and is numbered 5/10.
I remember when this product first came out and there were a few disgruntled collectors out there who were not happy pulling an autograph that was not actually signed by the player. I on the other hand think its a great idea. I can understand why someone may get upset when they pull their favorite player or HOFer and see that is signed only to find on closer inspection that its signed by some guy they more than likely never heard of. That can be a major let down.
I picked this card up from some guy on SCF who was selling it, I forget what I paid but it wasn't much.
There were a few issues with this product when it came out. We all remember the Chipper Ruth card don't we? And I believe there were a few other cards that actually looked nothing like the player it was said to depict or the card looked like it was drawn by a 5 year old. The Lind card actually looks Lind and the artist has done a great job. I have to honest, I had never heard of Brett Farr before I got this card but after a quick look on his website I was impressed at his talent. This doesn't mean I'm going to rush out and pick up more art by Mr Farr because I would probably not appreciate it as much as I should. The one saving grace for collectors was the fact that the cards were all low numbered and so could be sold on fairly easily and for more than the average GU card.
There are a few reasons that I like this card. Firstly it looks great! The picture is nice and well detailed. The background fits in with the picture, the artist kept it simple and didn't attempt to fill it up with pointless things. Secondly there are only ten of them out there! I like having low numbered cards but don't have that many, well not as many as I would like. I don't have any 1/1's yet apart from my Ebay 1/1's! ( Here and here).
I have a few trades and Ebay purchases inbound over the next few days so you can look forward to a non Lind post then... maybe.

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