Saturday, 2 October 2010

Steal of the century!!

Picked this up on eBay today, coming all the way from Australia! I didnt think I would stand a chance at winning a card like this because I know there are many other Lind collectors out there who usually outbid me on the lower numbered cards. This Exquisite is numbered 19/20!

The same seller was selling this too. Another exquisite only this one is numbered 14/15.

So how much did I pay for these two high end, low numbered autographs?

Less than £10! Or $13 if you prefer.


Thursday, 30 September 2010

The Lind collection - updated (Scan Heavy)

Here is my updated Lind collection. Most of the scans I took from COMC and a few from the Bay. You can tell which are my real pictures because they aren't very good! All the cards that feature a serial number on the front are either my own picture or the actual card that I bought.
If you have a card that you dont see pictured then please get in touch.
So here's all 71 cards in my collection. Enjoy! (Actually there's only 70 below, I forgot to include the 2004 Bowman Draft Chrome)

NNO Mini

National Chicle /10 signed by the artist