Friday, 23 July 2010

Ebay problems

Picked up a card on the 1st of July, an Allen and Ginter Lind auto. I knew the card probably wouldn't be shipped straight away because it was just before the 4th July weekend and I accepted this. So anyway a week went by and nothing arrived, this is normal though because sometimes cards can take up to two weeks or so to arrive. On the 10th of July the card was marked as shipped, a full 9 days after payment. OK people lead busy lives and this may have been the first opportunity to get the card in the mail, so that's fair enough. Its now the 23rd of July and still no card. I didnt pay a great deal for the card, actually I paid more than I should have since I jumped on the card when Ginter had only just been released a few days before. There are Lind autos from Ginter on the bay now for about half of what I paid for it, I'm so impatient when it comes to cards!
Anyway I'm not sure where to go from here. I'm going to wait until tomorrow as that will be exactly two weeks since it was marked as shipped but then what? Should I contact the buyer and explain whats up? I don't want the seller to think that I'm ripping him off. There are many threads on FCB and Blowout about overseas buyers claiming they have never received the cards they bought. Or should I just go ahead and start a dispute and do a chargeback? Or I could just let it go and chalk it up as a loss. Don't think that's a good idea though.
In the time since I bought this card I have received three or four other packages so I know there's no issues with the mail. Do you think I've been ripped off? The seller has 99.9% feedback and about 4000 separate feedbacks left so I think he can be trusted.
What would you do?
Now on to something completely different!
I have read on various forums that sometimes when people buy cards online they stink of cigarette smoke. I smoke (and I like it so don't tell me its bad, I know it is!) I don't smoke when I'm handling cards or near my cards. Do any of you fine folks out there get cards that smell of smoke? and is the smell really that bad? I don't want to send out 'smelly' cards to anyone. Let me know your feelings on this.


  1. I had the same problem with a Shields orange refractor.Waited 2 weeks then mailed the seller,he told me the card was in transit and would I wait a while before asking for a refund.The card turned up 6 weeks after he shipped it.The post mark stated he posted the day after I paid,in the mean time I was getting cards I had paid for only a few days earlier.I would suggest you contact the seller and see what they have to say.The post from the USA can be very erratic at times.

  2. Good shout. I'm just about to send the guy a message. Hope hes not going to kick off about it!

  3. I'd contact the seller and just let him know that you still haven't received it. Since it's an overseas transaction, you might need to hang in there a little longer. You might want to check paypal and see how long you have to claim a refund. I think it's around 90 days from the date of purchase, but I'm not 100% sure.

    As for the cigarette question... yeah there's a very distinct smell when I receive cards from collectors who smoke. Now, since I'm not actually there to see how much they smoke or if they're doing it near their cards... it's hard to say how much it takes to make your cards start smelling.

    The bright side is that if you leave the card out of the penny sleeve for a few days... it'll air out and most of the odor will go away.

    Good luck on getting your autograph!

  4. Many thanks Fuji. I sent the seller a message yesterday but have had nothing back. They can sometimes take a while from the States but normally this long. Thats good to know about the smoke, I try hard not to allow smoke anywhere near my collection so I hope I dont get any complaints about any smokey smells!