Saturday, 17 July 2010

First post!

OK so this is my first post. It appears that I actually started this blog in October 2009 but do not remember doing that, I'm guessing it was late and I was drinking.
First off I'll start by saying thanks to SanJoseFuji of http://http// (Great blog by the way so check it out!). Fuji posted a basic list of things you have to do to set up a blog at a forum that I visit daily http://http// Check out this forum and listen to the show too, its a really great place to talk about the hobby and set up trades. Also Colin and Ryan, the nice folks that run the website have a lot of free/cheap box breaks and they give out A LOT of free cards.
So as the name suggests, I'm collector from across the pond. Wales to be exact. I have been reading a lot of the blogs for over a year now, as well as checking out many of the forums, such as sports card forum, freedom cardboard, card collectors world and blowout. My user name is the same on all the forums I go to (TMCD). When I got back into to collecting all my new cards came from Ebay, this got expensive (more on my EBay experiences in another post) so I fired off a few emails to some of the bloggers out there and set up a few trades. I then stumbled across some of the forums and managed to get a few trades done there too. I even found a few other collectors in the UK, one of which has his own blog http://http// John has a real nice blog and is a big Red Sox fan. He has also been very generous with the trading that we have done together. He even sent me a bunch of 1955 Bowman cards that he won on EBay UK as It turns out that we bidded against each other on a number of occasions for the same items, including the Bowman cards.
At the moment I have 4 main collecting goals:
1 - Topps Heritage. I want to put together all the sets eventually but I'm focusing on 2010 at the moment.
2 - Bobby Thomson. This is still a very small collection and one that I haven't actively pursued for a while. I want to get his 1948 Bowman RC and also an auto.
3 - Adam Lind. I collect Lind because he did really well on my fantasy team last year (not very well this year). I have been collecting him for around 3 or 4 months and already have a big collection of around 20 autos and many base and inserts. I'm always on the look out for more cards.
4 - A&G 2010 minis. This is my newest collecting goal and only started this about 2 weeks ago. I only have 5 cards so far from the 6 packs that I opened. I was shorted a mini in one of the packs. If you have any minis that you would like to trade or donate then let me know.

Thats about it for now. I'm still new to blogging and so still learning how to do things on here. Expect more in the future.


  1. Welcome to the blogworld... I look forward to reading & commenting on your posts.


    P.S. You should check out the Sports Card Blogroll:

    It helped me get some visitors to my blog. Have a good weekend.

  2. Thanks. I emailed the blog roll so I hope to be added to that shortly.