Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Trade with Redsox101 from Sportscardradio

My first trade post! And also my first trade completed on Sportscardradio.

A big thank you to Redsox101 for helping me out with some of my collecting goals. Redsox sent me a few minis from A&G 2010. I only had 5 minis to start with so all minis are welcome here.

First up we have two cards from the national animals subset. We have the national animal of Grenada, I cant really figure out why the ostrich is their national animal and the back of the card does not specify. I'll probably look into this later on when I get bored.

Secondly we have the national animal of Italy, which is the Italian Wolf. I probably wouldn't have guessed that the wolf was Italy's national animal, although thinking about it I cant actually think of another animal that would fit the bill. This card is interesting because apparently the Italian Wolf was not properly identified as a sub-species until 1999. That surprised me because in this day and age you wouldn't think that there would be much more to learn about a common animal such as the wolf. I'm very happy to know this now as I like pointless bits of information (my head is full of pointless crap!) and since I enjoy hitting the quiz nights at the local pub I hope the question comes up. This bit of information may win me a few drinks!

Next we have Barry Zito from the Giants. This is my first 2010 Giant from A&G. If you look closely (and you'll have to since my scanner is out of action and I'm stuck with my camera) at the picture it appears that Zito has a pen in his hand and looks happy. I don't know if Zito is a good signer or not but he sure looks pleased to be doing it.

The last mini was this beauty! Apparently this an ultra SP, but I'm not 100% sure of that. This is from the 'worlds biggest' subset and features the worlds biggest river, the Nile. This is another interesting card. According to the back the Nile is bigger than the Amazon by a hair, how long is a hair? At 4,184 miles long. Wikipedia says 4,132 miles, it also says that the Amazon is actually longer! Which is correct? Topps or Wikipedia? It also says on the card that the river wasn't fully navigated until 2004. I thought it would have been navigated much earlier than that! I'll take their word for it though.

The last two cards are for my Lind collection. The first was the Lind base card from 2010 Topps. I didn't have that card so it was very welcome. This was the second card.

An Adam Lind auto! Sweet! Redsox actually offered me this card a while back and I told him I had it. It turns out I didn't, I just got the card mixed up with another. This will go in with the growing collection of Lind cards The card is a 2007 SP and is a RC. I have a lot of auto RC's of Lind and not that many from other years. Still like the other cards mentioned he is more than welcome.

I was also sent a bunch of 2010 Heritage cards, all Red Sox players. I hope to send this down to John of Pursuit of 80's(ness), as soon as he lets me know which players he needs to complete his set.

So once again thanks alot Redsox101 and I hope you enjoy the cards I sent you.

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