Friday, 13 August 2010

Some new additions to the Lind collection

Hi folks.

I have picked up quite a few cards over the last week or so. Most of which were for the sets that I'm working on but there were four new Lind cards.

First up from the Hairylemon we have a 2010 Bowman numbered 125/520.

My pictures suck! I really need to get a new lead for my scanner. Anyway that's the Bowman. Its a nice simple design, which I like. The red 1/1 hit ebay this past weekend and went for only £15. I didnt bid and now regret it. Thanks Lemon for my first Lind Bowman, hope to get some more.

Next we have a card that I featured a few days ago but didnt go into to much detail about it.

2010 Allen and Ginter Adam Lind game used pants. I got this very cheap with shipping to the UK. My only issue with the card is the tiny scrap of fabric you get in the frame. It looks really loose inside and does not fill the whole window. I have since learnt from Captain Canuck that this is very common with this years A&G. I'm not complaining though, it is after all another Lind for the collection and only my second stand alone jersey card of his. Next to the relic is the A&G auto that I wrote about a while back. Speaking of that auto the buyer refunded my shipping costs and then yesterday left me positive feedback. Just waiting for the refund to clear, its only $4 but it will go towards something nice.

Next up, another piss poor picture.

This is my Finest gold refractor. Its numbered 6/50 and looks great with the other 3 that I have. I was going to leave the 'rainbow' at this but have since decided to go for the red /25. I wont be going for that for a while though because my next few pick ups are going to be just trade bait.

And finally we have this little beauty.

2010 Allen and Ginter Adam Lind mini NNO short printed to 50 copies. Picked this up on the bay about a week or so ago. Very pleased with this pick up and didnt expect to get it as cheaply as I did. Not the best picture to have on the card. Lind's glove is covering his face and he's also more know for his hitting than fielding so a batting picture would have been better.

Whats also cool about the card is the mini toploader. I knew you could buy mini pages but had no idea there were also penny sleeves and toploaders available. I will need to be on the look out for some of them at some point to because the other minis that I have don't look to good in the full size toploaders.

That's it until next time. Thanks for reading.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Rest of my trade with Redsox101

Hi folks.

Here is the rest of the trade that I made with Matt AKA Redsox101 on the SCR forums. This is the second time that I have traded with him and both trades have gone smoothly and the cards always arrive in top notch condition.

This time he sent a huge package! Inside was the trade we made as well as some cards that I won off his blog. He also included a few surprises, which was great. The extras he sent were some 2010 Bowman, I already have one 2010 Bowman of Lind (Thanks Lemon) but Redsox sent me a bunch of different players and prospects. Very cool cards. He also threw in an old Eddie Murray from 83 or 84 Topps (cant remember the exact year) and a Prince Fielder RC. There were also other cards, such as inserts, they were also cool.

The fun thing about this trade was that when I opened the packet all the piles of cards were wrapped in paper, like 6 different mini packets. All were marked with what was inside. Written on each was either 'pack break cards' or 'our trade'. I could see why the package was big, it had to accommodate the smaller packets and it also explained the high postage charge he had to pay. In the future Redsox, just put them all in the same 'single' packet. Save yourself a few bucks so you get some more packs!

The main part of the trade was for some 2010 Heritage and some more Ginter minis. I posted about the minis yesterday. Redsox sent me a few base cards, inserts and also 8 short prints! I haven't received a SP for my Heritage set for a while and I had planned on finishing the set before the release of Ginter, I have a loooong way to go.

Here are the shortprints he sent.

From left to right - Jermaine Dye, behind the flash reflection is Pujols and on the end Cole Hamels. I was very happy to get a Pujols, he always seems to be a tough card to get.

David Wright, Bronson Arroyo and another Dye.

The final two are Kenshin Kawakami and another tough card to get, Ichiro.

All in all I think that was a great trade and I'm happy with what I got. Thanks Redsox101!

One more thing. Check out this new blog Steal second. Its by Martyn, who's a big baseball fan, as well as a football fan (real football!) Go take a look and say hi.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

More minis!

Part two of my recent trade that I made on CCW with Dlacky contains more minis! Also I got a few more minis from redsox101 from sports card radio, he also sent a lot of other things that deserve their own post, so we'll just focus on the minis.

Last time I showed off the inserts that I was sent now its on to the rest of the minis, the regulars, A&G backs and black bordered.

Here are the black bordered cards. I already had the Randy Wolf (anyone else find that name funny?) so the other three were new to me. The Hawpe card, on top, doesn't look too good. The picture is way to small. They should have blown it up a bit so there isint a HUGE white space between the pic and the border. I also received another few black bordered cards from Redsox101.

We have Chase Utley and Nyjer Morgan. The black bordered cards are very nice, I would love to put a set of these together! I think I will stick to the regular minis for now though.

I also got a bunch of A&G backs from Dlacky.

The fire card in the bottom left is sweet! Ginter is such an awesome set, I love the non sports cards... so far! I'm sure I'll tire of them eventually, especially when I get the revolving door or Regis Philburn

I also got a bunch of base minis from Dlacky and some more inserts from redsox101

I got another dinosaur card and a cool Nemesis. I enjoy the subsets much more than the regular set. I cant wait to get my hands on more.

So far I haven't 'paid' for a single mini (except one, that I'm going to show in another post soon and I don't include the 6 packs I bought). It would be great if I could finish this set off without having to pick up any on ebay. I need to update my lists now with what I need and then I can start hitting the forums and trying to work some trades.

On another note, the Hairylemon is fed up with all the criticism that the Rays and James Shields have received over the last week. Well I can think of one guy who thought that the Rays and Shields did great against the Blue Jays

Incidentally that Ginter jersey is the most pathetic jersey I have EVER seen! The jersey is far to small for the card and doesn't even fill the whole window on the card. Is this normal for Ginter relics?

Next up we have heritage...

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Cool contest at Fuji's!!

Go and check out The Chronicles of Fuji. He's having a contest with some pretty cool prizes. Follow this link and enter!!
But don't just go for the contest, take a look around. Fuji writes some great stuff.

Monday, 9 August 2010


Been a few days since I last posted. I had a few posts planned but the cards I was going to write about didnt arrive until today. Its always great getting home from work and finding new cards!

I'm going to break the posts up over the next few days. This first part is all about minis. Its actually two parts, I'm going to show the inserts first and then tomorrow I'll show the black bordered, A&G backs and base. Then over the next few days I'll show what else I got, I'm also expecting a few more things in the post soon so I'll share that too.
Anyway onto the minis. I'm trying to complete this years mini set. I think they look a lot cooler than the regular sized ones. I'm going for the base, SPs and inserts and leaving out the rip card minis and whatever SSPs there may be.
In the pictures I have included the cards that I have already, so they wont be listed in the text below.
I received :

  • Three worlds biggest insert set - Tree, Skyscraper and Animal

The Skyscraper is the best out of this insert set so far.

  • Two Sailors of the Seven Seas - Francisco Vasquez De Coronado and Christopher Columbus.

    These are interesting, as are most of the other mini inserts.

    • Two Lords of Olympus - Gaea and Persephone.

    The second and third additions to the set.

    • Three National Animals - Camel (Kuwait), King Cobra (India) and Jaguar (Brazil)

    They could have made the Cobra card a whole lot better. Its the bottom flag in the top picture.

    • One Monsters of the Mesozoic - Megalosaurus.

    Cool dinosaur card.

    • One Worlds Wordsmiths - Washington Irving.
    This dude wrote sleepy hollow.

    I'll show you what else I got tomorrow.