Saturday, 28 May 2011

Mailday from COMC

I've been very quiet the last few weeks with this blog. I don't really have any major reasons for not updating this thing, I mean I have been fairly busy with job hunting and family stuff but there has been plenty of time to work on the blog.
I don't want to call it writers block, since I have plenty to say. Its just that when I sit down to write about the hobby or about my latest pickups something always pops up and distracts me! Most recently its been LA Noire on the Xbox 360, which is a fantastic game!
Also Blogger has not been helping with my lack of posts. Is anyone else having BIG problems? I remember a few weeks back when Blogger went down and I couldn't look at my blog or anyone else's. I also read, when the blogs came back up, that a lot of bloggers had lost entire posts? I've not really had that problem. However, my auto save function has taken a kick in balls. This is actually the third time in as many days I've tried to finish this post. On each occasion I would get so far and save but when I return to finish it off half of my post would be missing. What a pain. So this time I'm going to try and get it all typed up and posted in one go, which is easier said than done since I'm posting this from work and my customers seem hell bent on interrupting me at every opportunity!

Anyway on to the good stuff!

I picked up all of the following cards from COMC during the last few weeks. One or two of them have actually been sat in my account since before Christmas just waiting for me to get them sent to me.
As usual all the following pics are taken directly from COMC.

2010 Topps 206 Mini auto in a Polar Bear frame. I was very pleased to able to land this card since these mini autos from this set are proving tough to hunt down, except for the Piedmont frame which appears to come out of every single hobby box! I'm now looking for the Old Mill frame which seems to be extremely rare, I've only seen one listed on eBay since the product has been released.

Next up as an 2007 Exquisite Imagery numbered 04/25. What can be said about Exquisite that I haven't said before? The cards are beautiful! The only issue I have with the product is the thickness and its not even a direct problem with Exquisite. The problem is I have trouble finding the appropriate sized top loaders for the card to fit into. At least now COMC offer top loaders with all cards for a small fee.

Yet another Exquisite! Only this time its a dual auto numbered out of 40. The other guy on the card is Jeff Baker. Hes pictured in his Rockies uniform but is now with the Cubs. Interesting fact about Baker, he was born in Germany. Maybe its not that interesting but its the best thing I can find about the guy!

Topps Co-Signers. What a nightmare of a set! There's tons of variations of this auto and I have a few of them. I cant remember what this is numbered out of because I'm in work and the card is at home. I'm looking for a couple more of his autos from this set so if you have any then please let me know.

2010 Topps Chrome Red Refractor /25! I never thought I'd get my hands on this card. I first saw it on COMC for a price of $4.99. I went straight to the checkout to pick it up but it said 'Sold out'. Damn. Then about a day later the card was re listed under a newer price of $14.99 but I managed to snag it for around $11. I only wish I was just a bit quicker when I saw the original listing.

That's all for now, still plenty more cards to show off plus I still need to get my Topps Giants want list together.