Friday, 13 August 2010

Some new additions to the Lind collection

Hi folks.

I have picked up quite a few cards over the last week or so. Most of which were for the sets that I'm working on but there were four new Lind cards.

First up from the Hairylemon we have a 2010 Bowman numbered 125/520.

My pictures suck! I really need to get a new lead for my scanner. Anyway that's the Bowman. Its a nice simple design, which I like. The red 1/1 hit ebay this past weekend and went for only £15. I didnt bid and now regret it. Thanks Lemon for my first Lind Bowman, hope to get some more.

Next we have a card that I featured a few days ago but didnt go into to much detail about it.

2010 Allen and Ginter Adam Lind game used pants. I got this very cheap with shipping to the UK. My only issue with the card is the tiny scrap of fabric you get in the frame. It looks really loose inside and does not fill the whole window. I have since learnt from Captain Canuck that this is very common with this years A&G. I'm not complaining though, it is after all another Lind for the collection and only my second stand alone jersey card of his. Next to the relic is the A&G auto that I wrote about a while back. Speaking of that auto the buyer refunded my shipping costs and then yesterday left me positive feedback. Just waiting for the refund to clear, its only $4 but it will go towards something nice.

Next up, another piss poor picture.

This is my Finest gold refractor. Its numbered 6/50 and looks great with the other 3 that I have. I was going to leave the 'rainbow' at this but have since decided to go for the red /25. I wont be going for that for a while though because my next few pick ups are going to be just trade bait.

And finally we have this little beauty.

2010 Allen and Ginter Adam Lind mini NNO short printed to 50 copies. Picked this up on the bay about a week or so ago. Very pleased with this pick up and didnt expect to get it as cheaply as I did. Not the best picture to have on the card. Lind's glove is covering his face and he's also more know for his hitting than fielding so a batting picture would have been better.

Whats also cool about the card is the mini toploader. I knew you could buy mini pages but had no idea there were also penny sleeves and toploaders available. I will need to be on the look out for some of them at some point to because the other minis that I have don't look to good in the full size toploaders.

That's it until next time. Thanks for reading.


  1. The Lind collection appears to be coming along nicely.

  2. Your Lind package is on the way,with luck it will be with you Monday.Sadly I found a Bowman 2010 base too late to put it with your other card,I will get it sent another time.Love the mini.

  3. The Red Finest Refractor is listed on e bay right now. 1 day 17 hrs left,no bids starting at 3 quid.

  4. Thanks John, its a work in progress.
    Hey Simon, looking forward to the package! I did see the red refractor on the bay and its in my watch list. It is cheap but I'm still not sure if I'm going to grab it or not. I need to get some trade bait, so thats where my money is going for now.