Thursday, 12 August 2010

Rest of my trade with Redsox101

Hi folks.

Here is the rest of the trade that I made with Matt AKA Redsox101 on the SCR forums. This is the second time that I have traded with him and both trades have gone smoothly and the cards always arrive in top notch condition.

This time he sent a huge package! Inside was the trade we made as well as some cards that I won off his blog. He also included a few surprises, which was great. The extras he sent were some 2010 Bowman, I already have one 2010 Bowman of Lind (Thanks Lemon) but Redsox sent me a bunch of different players and prospects. Very cool cards. He also threw in an old Eddie Murray from 83 or 84 Topps (cant remember the exact year) and a Prince Fielder RC. There were also other cards, such as inserts, they were also cool.

The fun thing about this trade was that when I opened the packet all the piles of cards were wrapped in paper, like 6 different mini packets. All were marked with what was inside. Written on each was either 'pack break cards' or 'our trade'. I could see why the package was big, it had to accommodate the smaller packets and it also explained the high postage charge he had to pay. In the future Redsox, just put them all in the same 'single' packet. Save yourself a few bucks so you get some more packs!

The main part of the trade was for some 2010 Heritage and some more Ginter minis. I posted about the minis yesterday. Redsox sent me a few base cards, inserts and also 8 short prints! I haven't received a SP for my Heritage set for a while and I had planned on finishing the set before the release of Ginter, I have a loooong way to go.

Here are the shortprints he sent.

From left to right - Jermaine Dye, behind the flash reflection is Pujols and on the end Cole Hamels. I was very happy to get a Pujols, he always seems to be a tough card to get.

David Wright, Bronson Arroyo and another Dye.

The final two are Kenshin Kawakami and another tough card to get, Ichiro.

All in all I think that was a great trade and I'm happy with what I got. Thanks Redsox101!

One more thing. Check out this new blog Steal second. Its by Martyn, who's a big baseball fan, as well as a football fan (real football!) Go take a look and say hi.

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  1. Thanks for the link Tony, Alway's love reading your latest transactians.
    That Cole Hamels card looks nice.