Monday, 9 August 2010


Been a few days since I last posted. I had a few posts planned but the cards I was going to write about didnt arrive until today. Its always great getting home from work and finding new cards!

I'm going to break the posts up over the next few days. This first part is all about minis. Its actually two parts, I'm going to show the inserts first and then tomorrow I'll show the black bordered, A&G backs and base. Then over the next few days I'll show what else I got, I'm also expecting a few more things in the post soon so I'll share that too.
Anyway onto the minis. I'm trying to complete this years mini set. I think they look a lot cooler than the regular sized ones. I'm going for the base, SPs and inserts and leaving out the rip card minis and whatever SSPs there may be.
In the pictures I have included the cards that I have already, so they wont be listed in the text below.
I received :

  • Three worlds biggest insert set - Tree, Skyscraper and Animal

The Skyscraper is the best out of this insert set so far.

  • Two Sailors of the Seven Seas - Francisco Vasquez De Coronado and Christopher Columbus.

    These are interesting, as are most of the other mini inserts.

    • Two Lords of Olympus - Gaea and Persephone.

    The second and third additions to the set.

    • Three National Animals - Camel (Kuwait), King Cobra (India) and Jaguar (Brazil)

    They could have made the Cobra card a whole lot better. Its the bottom flag in the top picture.

    • One Monsters of the Mesozoic - Megalosaurus.

    Cool dinosaur card.

    • One Worlds Wordsmiths - Washington Irving.
    This dude wrote sleepy hollow.

    I'll show you what else I got tomorrow.

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