Wednesday, 11 August 2010

More minis!

Part two of my recent trade that I made on CCW with Dlacky contains more minis! Also I got a few more minis from redsox101 from sports card radio, he also sent a lot of other things that deserve their own post, so we'll just focus on the minis.

Last time I showed off the inserts that I was sent now its on to the rest of the minis, the regulars, A&G backs and black bordered.

Here are the black bordered cards. I already had the Randy Wolf (anyone else find that name funny?) so the other three were new to me. The Hawpe card, on top, doesn't look too good. The picture is way to small. They should have blown it up a bit so there isint a HUGE white space between the pic and the border. I also received another few black bordered cards from Redsox101.

We have Chase Utley and Nyjer Morgan. The black bordered cards are very nice, I would love to put a set of these together! I think I will stick to the regular minis for now though.

I also got a bunch of A&G backs from Dlacky.

The fire card in the bottom left is sweet! Ginter is such an awesome set, I love the non sports cards... so far! I'm sure I'll tire of them eventually, especially when I get the revolving door or Regis Philburn

I also got a bunch of base minis from Dlacky and some more inserts from redsox101

I got another dinosaur card and a cool Nemesis. I enjoy the subsets much more than the regular set. I cant wait to get my hands on more.

So far I haven't 'paid' for a single mini (except one, that I'm going to show in another post soon and I don't include the 6 packs I bought). It would be great if I could finish this set off without having to pick up any on ebay. I need to update my lists now with what I need and then I can start hitting the forums and trying to work some trades.

On another note, the Hairylemon is fed up with all the criticism that the Rays and James Shields have received over the last week. Well I can think of one guy who thought that the Rays and Shields did great against the Blue Jays

Incidentally that Ginter jersey is the most pathetic jersey I have EVER seen! The jersey is far to small for the card and doesn't even fill the whole window on the card. Is this normal for Ginter relics?

Next up we have heritage...


  1. that jersey relic is normal for this year's Ginter.... they all seem to be like that.

  2. Really? Did they run out of jerseys? At least I know its not just my relic that looks like that.