Monday, 16 August 2010

Mail from the Hairylemon

Got this gem in the mail today from Simon AKA the Hairylemon. He emailed me last week saying he picked up a Lind for me but I had nothing to trade for it, as usual! Simon was nice enough to send it on to me anyway for a card to be named later. So cheers for that Simon, much appreciated!
I thought I'd do things a little different this time. I'm going to list the pros, cons and my thoughts about this card.
Pros -
  1. Its Adam Lind!
  2. Clean design. I like that there's only one border.
  3. Good picture. Sure hes not doing anything but if you look at a few of his other auto cards out there, it was always the same batting pose or mid swing action shot. It was getting old.
  4. Great auto. Yeah its a sticker (see cons) but its a sticker that works. Its not loud or poorly placed, it generally fits into the design of the rest of the card.

Cons -

  1. Its a sticker auto. Sure I just said it fits in with the design but its not on card.
  2. No stats on the back. This is the case with the majority of autos that I get. Cant they just include a line of stats? It would be better than the usual 'Congratulations'.
  3. No jersey number on the front. They have his position, DH, although I would have preferred his jersey number or both position and number. I'm sure they could have squeezed a 26 on there somewhere.

Final thoughts: Does this card look like it could have been made by Fleer? Its hard to explain what I mean it just reminds me of a Fleer design from some product of theirs. Yes that's vague, I just cant remember the exact product. Does that make the card bad? Of course not! Its still a cool looking card and the pros outweigh the cons. There weren't really any cons to speak of. The ones that I listed above would be the same as I would list for most autos that I possess or have possessed in the past.

I would give the card 4/5 and that's because its a sticker auto.

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