Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Patiance pays

A couple of weeks back during my last spree on COMC I decided to try my hand at flipping a card.

I picked up the above T206 Ty Cobb mini Cycle back /99 for $6.25. It has a BV of $25 so I thought I'd re-list it for $10 and see what happens. Well today after I came back from dropping my wife off at work I checked my emails and I had a daily summary from COMC. This was my first daily summery email so I wasn't a 100% sure what to expect. I assumed it was charges since they charge a few cents a month for storing a card but to my surprise the card sold for the full $10.

Its not a huge profit, only $4, but it pays for the shipping of the cards I had waiting there and also gives me enough to pick up another card or two. Perhaps I may even pick up another card to flip.

Now for some Ryder Cup news.

Since yesterday, Newport has become awfully crowded. I had to take my wife to the train station yesterday morning, which is normally a 10 minute round trip. It took me 45 minutes! The roads was crowded with taxis, buses and brand spanking new cars with blacked out windows worth more than the average house in the town. Its exciting that the Cup is being held here but the majority of the local population is much more interested in celebrity spotting.

Samuel L Jackson and Morgan Freeman have both been spotted in one of the best restaurants in town, The Priory located on the outskirts in a place called Caerleon. Allegedly Jackson had booked out the whole restaurant for a private party so there were no locals inside apart from the staff at the restaurant.

I cant find any picture proof of this or do I know anyone personally who has claimed to see them. I did find this article from Walesonline.

Prince Charles is visiting the cup soon as are a few Welsh celebrities, such as Catherine Zeta Jones and Shirley Bassey. Theres no word on whether the Barack Obama rumour that I wrote about a few days back is true but I was told that Air Force one is landing at Cardiff airport early tomorrow morning or Friday. I dont believe that one bit but that's what I was told.

Anyway who cares.

The Giants are now two games in front of the Padres! Will they keep this lead? and who will they play if and when they hit the playoffs? Braves or Padres?

I've managed to secure the next few weeks off work so I'm able to watch all the playoff games and World Series live on ESPN.


  1. Nice job with the Cobb.The Giants can't play the Padres in the NLDS as they are in the same division.

  2. Oh yeah! I feel like a dumbass now!

  3. Thought about flipping before, may do if i see a card hugely reduced!