Sunday, 26 September 2010

Ryder Cup 2010 live from Newport Wales - Rumours from the town

So starting this week is the Ryder Cup, one of the biggest, if not THE biggest event in the golfing calendar and its all going on about half a mile from my house!

Lots of rumours have been flooding my fair city of Newport, from what celebrities are going to be there to what will happen to Newport and Wales when it is all over.
I dont have tickets to the event itself since I believe it was a lottery allocation in order to buy the tickets and from what I have heard the tickets are going for around £1000. If I had a spare £1000 I wouldn't waste it watching golf, no I'd waste it on cardboard. Besides that's why I have satellite TV.

During this week I'm going to post a little bit about the golf, not so much who is winning since there are many news sites for you to look at. I'm going to talk more about whats happening around the golf, interesting stories and unusual rumours.

Since it was announced a while back that it would be held at the Celtic Manor hotel and golf resort, the city has been on a big redevelopment drive and it was going great until they ran out of money! Now the city centre looks like one big building site. There are empty stores, the railway station is still being expanded and the roads, Christ dont get me started on the state of the roads around here.

Still everyone is very excited that the event is being hosted here. A lot of people have even rented out their homes for the week, some for many thousands of pounds.

That leads me on to the biggest rumour that is going around.

In the grounds of the Celtic Manor stands a private residence. Last week they had a knock at the door and there stood two men in dark suits with ear pieces. The two men told the occupiers that they could pick anywhere in the world that they wanted to go for the week of the Ryder Cup, all expenses would be covered.

The Celtic Manor

Now before I tell you who these men are, let me just say again this is a rumor! I heard it from a fairly reliable source, a person who will be working at the event, but I cannot confirm this or find any concrete evidence online.

The two men were secret service officers from the United States and the house was needed for the President of the US Barack Obama. The house was chosen for its location and the security that it offers.

I really hope this is true and even though I have my doubts regarding this I cant find anything to disprove it.

There is also talk that both Bush senior and junior are attending, as well as Bill Clinton.

Clinton is probably true since hes been to this neck of the woods a few times, the Bush family though I dont know.

So is this...

or is this true? Only time will tell.

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