Saturday, 2 October 2010

Steal of the century!!

Picked this up on eBay today, coming all the way from Australia! I didnt think I would stand a chance at winning a card like this because I know there are many other Lind collectors out there who usually outbid me on the lower numbered cards. This Exquisite is numbered 19/20!

The same seller was selling this too. Another exquisite only this one is numbered 14/15.

So how much did I pay for these two high end, low numbered autographs?

Less than £10! Or $13 if you prefer.



  1. That is fantastic for those two.Exquisite are such nice cards.Well done Tony.

  2. Thanks! I still cant believe I got them, I was sure I was going to be sniped at the very last second.

  3. Thanks! Just have to play the waiting game now. Never had cards from oz before, no idea how long it will take.

  4. I had some Shields come from Oz,it took 4 weeks for the first ones and five days for the secomd lot,figure that one out.Has it stopped raining down there yet?

  5. Weird. 5 days or 4 weeks, not to bad I suppose.
    It finally stopped raining about two hours ago, its played hell with the Ryder Cup!