Thursday, 30 September 2010

The Lind collection - updated (Scan Heavy)

Here is my updated Lind collection. Most of the scans I took from COMC and a few from the Bay. You can tell which are my real pictures because they aren't very good! All the cards that feature a serial number on the front are either my own picture or the actual card that I bought.
If you have a card that you dont see pictured then please get in touch.
So here's all 71 cards in my collection. Enjoy! (Actually there's only 70 below, I forgot to include the 2004 Bowman Draft Chrome)

NNO Mini

National Chicle /10 signed by the artist


  1. Wow, That is one cool pc.Next stop 100.

  2. Thanks. I'm aiming to get 100 by christmas.

  3. Thanks! I've actually picked up another 17 cards since I posted this, so I'm up to 88 now!

  4. Cant Wait for the Break mabye we will add a few more cards to your PC and to everyone elses

  5. Hope we pull a T206 Lind auto.