Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Mail from the Sewingmachine Guy

Finally the postman has resumed his normal duty after almost a week! The last time I had mail it was the day before Christmas eve. Thanks to Christmas, then the weekend and two bank holidays there has been no nice little deliveries for me to open... until today!

Today there was a mountain of post on my mat as I came through the door. Most of it was late Christmas cards and the usual bills. Hidden amongst the crap were two bubble mailers, one from COMC and the other from Larry, the Sewing Machine guy.

I had no idea what was in the package from Larry and I was pleasantly surprised to see some A&G minis inside. I have neglected all my sets since becoming a player collector and thats something I hope to rectify. I have made a decision though, once I have finished the Ginter set I will probably never (notice the probably) chase down another set. I have given up on 2010 Heritage, so i have a whole bunch of SPs to trade if anyone is interested.

Anyway onto the goodies!

Jorge Cantu of the Marlins, A&G back

Juan Pierre of the White Sox, black border

Thanatos, a Greek demon. According to legend he lost in hand to hand combat to Hercules.

An Elk, the national animal of Sweden. The second largest species of deer apparently.

Nomingia. A bird like dinosaur that was six feet long and ate both plants and animals.

Larry also sent a regular back Todd Helton to assist with my set. Cheers for the additions Larry!

I will share my mail from COMC tomorrow. There wont be a single Adam Lind card featured!!


  1. You are giving up on 2010 Heritage. Any chance you have one of these to trade?

    457 J.D. Drew SP
    476 Dustin Pedroia - 2005 AL MVP SP
    481 Manny Ramirez 04 WS MVP SP
    491 Jason Bay AS SP

  2. Sorry. Dont have those. Are you looking for any others?