Monday, 27 December 2010

How was everyones Christmas?

Here's a belated Merry Christmas to you all out there! Hope you all had a good time with your families and friends.

So how did everyone do cardboard wise? Did anyone get any nice little treats sitting at the bottom of your tree? Any big pulls?

I had no cardboard to open this Christmas because none of my family or friends have a clue on what I like and I would have probably ended up with a few packs of 1989 Topps or a nice big stack of 88 Donruss. Oh the horror.

But on Christmas eve my wife and my stepson both said they wanted me get myself something nice and they would consider it my main Christmas present. They both gave me a budget and told me to see what I could find.

I had my eyes set on pre-ordering a jumbo of Topps 2011 and very nearly pulled the trigger. I then set my sights on a box of Bowman Chrome and a box Bowman draft, again I let them go. Instead I picked up a couple of singles, including my first 1/1! I'm not showing off the 1/1 until I get it in hand, just incase it gets lost in the mail but I will let you take a look at some of my other cards.

First up with have this Manufactured bat barrel from Topps update 2010. This was from my stepson. The card has a print ran of 25, the card I have is 25/25, so that makes it an eBay 1/1! Awesome! I now have both the brown bat and the black bat versions of this card. I will probably never have the pink. It was on eBay about a month ago but went alot higher than I anticipated.

This is one of the cards that was from my wife. It came up on eBay as BIN with a price 5 times lower than the other BINs of this card, it was even cheaper than the one on COMC so I thought, why not? The seller also had another cheap Lind auto. I'll save that one for my next post.

This is another card from my wife that came by way of The Bench. It does have quite a large print run of 175 but its been tricky tracking down a non graded copy. Its a dual auto featuring Ryan Klosterman. I had no idea who this guy is and had to be a bit of digging. It appears hes been slugging it out in the minors, hovering between AA and AAA. Hes currently in the Marlins organisation. Who knows if he'll make it.
Theres plenty more to show although I will save them for my next post.


  1. I love the bat barrel,I don't care what anyone says about them I think they look realy nice.Nice auto pick ups also. I am going to take a guess at your 1/1. I think its a Topps Finest 2009 printing plate.

  2. Nope! No plates here. Its from 2007 and its an UD product if that helps...

  3. I will wait,congrats on getting your first 1/1.First of many I hope.That Lind pc is looking very tasty right now.