Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Mail from COMC

****First of all, can the guy that was interested in trading for the Bowman Jason Heyward please send me an email, I have managed to wipe most of my emails and have lost your contact details. Thanks.****

These arrived yesterday from every card collectors best friend, COMC. I have decided to try my hand at prospecting although I will admit that I don't know a great deal about it and I'm by no means an expert. I have probably just picked up a bunch of scrubs (with one definite exception).

I did do a little research with the players below. I read the various threads on FCB, Blowout and also used a website called Top Prospect Alert. Once I had learnt who were in the Giants organisation I searched for them on COMC and managed to pick up a few autos and chrome cards for fairly cheap.

Anyway enough with me waffling on, lets take a look at who I picked up.

Jorge bucardo, RHP. This is a 2008 DEEE auto numbered out of 819.

Do you think his auto looks like it took him a little while to write? It certainly looks slow and laboured to me.

Hes 21 years old and currently playing in A+ ball. Probably wont amount to much.

Seth Rosin, RHP. 2009 DEEE auto /710.

Now that's a much better auto than Jorges. This guy has got some potential from what I have read. Hes a huge bloke standing 6 foot 7 and weighing in at 230lbs. He has been described as a 'good old fashioned plow horse', which I guess is a good thing. He could be one to watch.

Yet another pitcher. Craig Clark LHP. 2010 Bowman Chrome auto.

At 26 hes a little old to be considered a prospect but hes actually not to bad. This is another wait and see player.

Ehire Adrianza, SS. 2009 Bowman Sterling gold /50.
This guy has great potential in the Giants organisation and has had a few good years in the minors. I'll be keeping an eye on him.

Thomas Neal, OF. 2010 Bowman Chrome auto and purple refractor /777.

He is the number four prospect for the Giants at the moment and seems to be a fairly good all rounder. With him, Adrianza, Bumgarner and Posey, the Giants have a great set of youngsters.

And now the only Giants prospect that I didn't pick up.

Yu Darvish, SP for the Hokkaido Nippon - Ham Fighters. The cards above are a 2009 Bowman Chrome purple refractor and a Bowman draft blue.

He is considered one of the best pitchers in Japan and is highly sought after by many Major League clubs. Darvish has said himself that he plans to play in the MLB in 2012, with the Mets being named the current favourites.

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