Saturday, 25 September 2010

WWE Icons sticker pack break.

Fuji posted about about some soccer cards that he got of the Japanese national team and if any of his readers collect anything else other then the big three, baseball, basketball and football.

I commented that I used to collect premier league stickers back when I was in school and that I also sometimes pick up the odd pack of soccer cards from the local shop.

Well that gave me an itch that I had to scratch, so I set off in search of a pack of soccer cards. I knew I would have a few to choose from, whether it be a pack of Topps Attack or some EPL stickers and maybe some other brand too. So I picked up my dinner for the evening (Minted lamb burgers, YEAH BABY!) and made my way to the cigarette counter where they keep the cards and stickers. Anyone else think that's an odd place to keep them? Next to the sign that says smoking kills? Anyway I queued up, bought a lotto ticket and had a look at what soccer cards that they had. There were none! Not one pack. My choice was Top Gear cards, which is from a TV show about cars, some cartoon stickers like Toy Story 3 and some other cartoon show that I didnt recognise. Tucked in the corner were some WWE Icon stickers so I thought why not and picked up a single pack.

I wasn't expecting much from the pack but it was still a nice break and I was surprised at how much fun it was to open.

The picture above is the pack it came in. I should have taken the picture before opening the pack but I didnt.

Each pack contains 6 stickers. There are no autos or game used in the packs, which is the norm for any cards/sticker you buy in the UK.

The pack came with five small sticker and one larger sticker, which I thought was odd. I'll show you the smaller stickers first and leave the big one until the end, since I would consider it the 'hit' of the pack.

I got two profile pictures of Michelle McCool and the Awesome CM Punk.

Michelle McCool was the first WWE Diva to hold both the Women's Championship and the WWE Diva Championship. The women's wrestling in the WWE is terrible at best, its just a lot of hair whipping and slaps. Not there's anything wrong with that, its just not what it used to be when the WWE was aimed at an older audience. I guess since Linda McMahon (The owners wife) is running for the senate they have dumbed it all down alot. McCool recently unified both the Women's and Diva titles at the Night of Champions PPV.

Next to her is CM Punk. Now this guy can wrestle! He is currently the leader of the SES, or the straight edge society. He started making waves in the wrestling world a long time before being signed by the WWE and I was very excited to see what he would do once he was signed. In the few short years in the WWE he has been the Heavyweight champion three times, not bad considering his size. Hes six foot one and weighs 220 pounds, which is not huge when you put him next to the likes of the Undertaker (six foot ten, 300 pounds). But hes fast and very athletic. Hes currently a heel and living up to his 'straight edge' persona while trying to push that onto everyone else in the WWE.

Next are three action shots. Two come from Wrestlemania and one from Raw. For those of you that don't know Wrestlemania is the World Series, Super Bowl and FA Cup final all rolled into one! Its the most watched wrestling event of the year and its usually excellent.

We'll start at the top and go clockwise.

That's the Undertaker pinning the 'Heartbreak Kid' Shawn Micheals in a career Vs Streak match at Wrestlemania 26. What that means is that if Micheals loses he has to quit and if 'Taker loses he loses his streak of being undefeated in every Wrestlemania. It was known months before that Micheals was leaving the company to spend time with his family so it was obvious who was going to win. Did that stop them from giving it their all? Hell no! This was the best match of the entire night. Both guys have many injuries from years of abusing their bodies with crazy stunts but you would never been able to tell that night. They both looked fresh and ready to wrestle for an hour if they could. In my opinion it was the match of the year.

Below that we have MVP or Montel Vontavious Porter at a Raw event before Wrestlemania. I cant make out who he is wrestling but he seems to have the upper hand. He is memorable for having a five month losing streak which was going against his persona of the ultimate and highest paid athlete (think Rickey Henderson). Although I'm not his biggest fan I do have a lot of respect for him. In real life he joined a gang at very young age and got into a lot of trouble with the law, in fact he was sentenced to 18 years for armed robbery and kidnapping. He served half of that sentence and has since turned his life around. Due to his past life of crime he is not allowed to enter certain countries, most notably Japan, where wrestling is considered a serious sport.

Then we have another Wrestlemania 26 action shot of The Game HHH Vs The Celtic Warrior Seamus. You either love or hate HHH, I love him. He is brutal! From his entrance music (Motorhead!!) to his finishing move, the pedigree. The guy rocks! Wrestling is a very political game and HHH has played it well. Marrying the bosses daughter can do wonders to a career and he is now one of the major powers in the industry. HHH is a 13 time heavyweight champion, the most of all time and was actually tipped to play Thor in the upcoming comic book movie. Unfortunately he didnt get the role, which is a shame since he can act and he looks like Thor.

Seamus is an Irish wrestler who has risen very quickly through the ranks. Some say this due to his close friendship with HHH. He is a former two time WWE Champion. He doesn't look like most wrestlers since he doesn't tan himself before matches and looks odd with his pale skin and red hair. In the match featured in the picture HHH beat Seamus after reversing a power bomb into the pedigree. Another great match at Wrestlemania.

Now my 'hit'.

This sticker is much bigger than the other and is a shiny! This is the belt that everyone wants. The one that says your best. It is the WWE world heavyweight championship. It is currently held by the Undertakers brother, Kane.

Well not a bad pack, I wish I picked up more than one.