Thursday, 23 September 2010

Group break, only a few spots left.

After a few changes to the original box break that Matt is hosting, we have finally settled on a smaller break with two boxes.

2010 Allen and Ginter
2010 T206

Here's the crack. There are three spots left (maybe four) and $15 gets you three teams, you can choose your first team and then the others will be randomised.
The price quoted is for US only, but you are welcome to participate regardless of where you are and the price will be adjusted accordingly. Payment through paypal is preferred. The break will be filmed by Matt and put onto YouTube.

The teams that have been taken are:
Red Sox (This has not been confirmed)

So there are plenty of teams left for you to choose.

You can sign up by going to SCR here or Matt's blog here or even by letting me know and I will pass on your details. Although it would be easiest to follow the SCR link.

Not all the details have been finalised but I would imagine that with the non sports in Ginter they will be randomed off. This will be decided by the participants.

For less then a price of a blaster you have a chance at some pretty good cards.

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