Friday, 24 September 2010

April 2000 - August 2010. What's changed?

A little while a go I posted about an old issue of Tuff Stuff that I found and the differences with certain prices and autos. Well I thought I would revisit the topic again and see what else has changed.

My source materials are Tuff Stuff from April 2000 and Beckett from August 2010. Just how much has changed in the past ten years? Have cards worth nothing in 2000 now worth a couple of hundred? And are the cards that were worth a ton back then are now nothing more than a coaster for your drink?

I think I'll make this a regular piece and try to get a new post each week focusing on two different players each time.

I talked about the McGwire RC last time and how that shot way up in the late 90's only to plummet to where it is today. Obviously with a guy like big mac, steroids pretty much destroyed his card values with more and more collectors only wanting 'clean' stars.
This time around I'll focus on two popular players rookie cards and an auto. What I mean by popular is players who have a large following in the card collecting world.
First lets start off with probably the most iconic card of the modern collecting age and that is the 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr.
All prices are NM.

Tuff Stuff 2000 - $175
Beckett 2010 - $40

Griffey also had an auto in 1999 SP Signatures. (None on eBay)

Tuff Stuff 2000 - $350
Beckett 2010 - $160

Massive drop in value for both cards. Obviously if you were investing back then you probably thought you were sitting on a gold mine. Sucks to be you.

Next the all time home run king, Barry Bonds. Here are the prices on his 1987 Fleer.

Tuff Stuff 2000 - $30
Beckett 2010 - $15

That's actually surprised me. I would have thought it would be much less then $15 today. I guess you can probably pick this up on the bay for much cheaper than that.

Bonds also has an auto in SP Sigs 1999

Tuff Stuff 2000 - $75
Beckett 2010 - $200

Our first increase! Love or hate Bonds I bet you would all want his auto in your collection. Being a Giants fan I would want his auto although I'm not going to go out of my way to get one...but if your giving one away I'll take it!

What do you guys think? Do these values surprise you? or is this something you expected?

What two players would you like me to feature next? I want to focus on pitchers so if any of you out there who had/have favourite pitchers that had a card released from 1980 to 2000 then please leave a comment. Also include why you consider them a favourite.


  1. Nolan Ryan - I remember in 1991 sitting on about 150-200 Ryan cards from '71-'87 and thinking I'm gonna retire real soon......

    I shudder to think what they are now. At least they'll keep me warm in the winter....

  2. Good call! Ryan will be included next.

  3. That's interesting with Barry's autograph. I guess he didn't sign very much when he played, or at least I can't remember him being in a lot of auto sets.

    A couple years back someone walked into my store with an autographed Bonds baseball framed up in a plaque with an 8 x 10. I said $40 - he said deal. It still hangs on my wall today :)

  4. $40! I think you could class that as stealing! I remember back in 98 Bonds balls were going for $80 so you got a heck of a bargain.