Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Cards from Steal Second

I got sent two Adam Lind cards in the mail yesterday from a fellow UK blogger and collector, Martyn of Steal Second.
He emailed me to say that they were on the way but he said that after checking what Lind cards I already had he realised he was sending me some dupes. That's not a problem to me when it comes to Adam Lind cards, the more the merrier!
Martyn sent me a 2009 Bowman numbered out of 150. I now have 4/150 and 17/150. Now that I have two of these cards I'm tempted to try and pick up a few more since it wont really break the bank and I think it would look cool having a bunch of these cards together.
What do you guys think? Would you have duplicates of the same numbered card in your collection or are you happy with one?
The second card he sent was a 2010 Ginter relic. Its strange how the one that he sent and the one that I already had have slight differences.
With the one that I already had the mini card inside the frame is firm and doesn't move around but the relic moves about freely.
The one Martyn sent is the complete opposite. If you shake the card you can see the mini card shift about but the relic is held in place. The relic also feels a little different as if something has been sprayed onto it. Its kind of feels like when you get super glue on your clothes. Maybe someone at Topps tried to stick the relic down.
I was going to show some pictures of the differences but someone has taken the batteries out of my camera so that's out of action until I remember to buy some.
Many thanks Martyn! Take a look at Martyn's blog and his take on fantasy leagues, baseball cards, football (hes a Rovers fan but we wont hold that against him!) and other sports.
Martyn is also one of the contributors to Sport Jambalaya so go check that out. This week we will be predicting the MLB awards. It will be interesting to see who will be right and who will be way off. Leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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  1. Just to point out the stickyness is and was nothing to do with me. lol.

    Glad you like them.