Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Ginter auto has arrived! and another dilemma

Finally my Adam Lind ginter auto arrived!

Well its here! It arrived today at 3pm, very late for the post. I remember when the post would be there before 7am! And then at around 1pm you would get a second post...those days are long gone!

Anyway the card is here and that the main thing! It looks a lot better than I thought it would. The red border is really nice and actually feels like plastic. The card its self is really nice and is only the 2nd on card auto that I have of Lind. Its not very secure though and it actually moves about inside the frame. That's not a huge problem because its not slipping out of view or anything and its not as if I'm going to be shaking it like a magic 8 ball!

I now need to pick up the Lind Ginter relic to go with it. That can wait since it looks like every single box that was opened had one in it and its getting cheaper by the day. I have other cards that I want first.

Now there was a problem attached to the Lind auto and that was the amount of time it took to reach me. I know what your all thinking 'you live in the UK so of course it will take longer to get there' and yes your right it does take longer to reach me here but not by much. Let me give you a brief recap of what has happened.

  • Won and paid for auction on the 1st of July
  • Item marked as shipped on the 10th July
  • Contacted seller on the 22nd of July to inform them that it still had not arrived and that it had been nearly two weeks
  • Seller replied on the 23rd of July to confirm card had been shipped and I should have had it by now
  • Card received today on the 28th of July (insert happy dance of your choice)
  • Postage said it was shipped on the 20th of July

So it was shipped TEN days after the seller had told me it was shipped and a full 19 days after I paid for it. 19 freaking days! What's that all about?! Why didnt the seller just tell me he couldn't get it out to me in a reasonable amount of time? I would have been ok with that or could have asked for refund and picked up a different one.

Now what do I do? On one hand I'm very happy it got here, I was beginning to think it would never arrive. On the other hand I'm very annoyed that the seller lied and it took him so long to ship.

I see five choices that I can make:

  1. Contact the seller and confront them about what has happened, maybe even get a little bit of money back.
  2. Leave negative feedback without speaking to the seller (seems a bit unfair).
  3. Ignore it and leave positive.
  4. Ignore and don't leave any feedback.
  5. Claim the card never arrived and get a refund (I would NEVER do this but it is an option).

I'm going to give it a day or so before I take action. I would appreciate your feedback on this. What would you do? One of my five options or something completely different?


  1. if the auction description mentioned nothing about a delay in shipping, then options one or two are your only options.
    contact the seller, if they offer money back, leave positive feedback while mentioning the extreme delay in shipping. If they blow you off, then leave negative feedback as a warning to others.
    Not the length of time to arrive, but the 19 days it took them to ship it after taking your money....

  2. I was going to give it a day before contacting the seller but I have just emailed him now instead. I explained how unhappy I am about waiting 19 days after winning an auction for the card to be shipped and requested that he refund the shipping charges. We shall see what happens.

  3. See how long he said he'd take to ship it to you, as Canuck said. Some sellers do give themselves a large window to ship.

    Otherwise, unless shipping costs were unreasonably expensive, I'd just let it go, maybe leave no feedback at all. No sense in getting in a war of words - the card got there safe and sound!

    I totally understand your frustration, though!!

  4. I checked the auction and there's no mention of how long it takes to ship an item, but 19 days is far to long to be reasonably acceptable. I fired off an email expressing how disappointed I was in the service from someone who has over 4000 positive feedbacks. I was polite and to the point. I'll see what he responds with and take it from there. Your right though, there is no reason to get into a war of words over something like this, the card did get here and was packaged perfectly. I'm not expecting to get a full refund but maybe getting the shipping refunded would be a nice gesture.

  5. Negative would be harsh as you did recieve the card.Neutral plus mark his shipping time as zero stars,that will foul up his average.It looks as if he just forgot to send it out and had to lie when you called him on it.

  6. If the guy responds with a valid reason and maybe a partial refund I'll go positive. If I get nothing back then it will be as you said. If I get abuse back then its all negative! Hope I dont get any problems with the Lind gold refractor!

  7. Just got my shipping refunded! Only $4 but better than a kick in the teeth!