Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Batteries not included

So its just gone 3am here and I have spent the last 5 hours or so updating my new trade page. During the 5 hours two things happened.
Number one - I left the lid off of one of my card boxes and my cat managed to fish three cards out from the middle of the box and chew the hell out of the corners. Not happy. At least the cards in question were two Topps 1987 commons and one Topps 1997 common. The cat now has all three cards to herself. Perhaps she wants to start a collection?
Number two - During the cat incident (which has happened before with a folder being mistaken for a scratching post) I must have unplugged my fully charged laptop from the battery pack. I didnt notice this until the laptop switched its self off a few hours later while I was in the middle of doing the list. I thought that it would be ok since the blog auto saves every minute or so anyway, so that would mean I'd lost two or three cards at the most. Wrong. When your editing a page it DOESNT auto save which meant I lost 5 hours...
At least I got some cards on the list, I haven't sorted them yet but at least they're on there.
Time to sleep now, lets hope the cat doesn't choke on her new cards.


  1. dude, that's harsh.

    but at least your kitty is happy.

  2. Lemon - All KC Royals! The Yankees were in the compartment next to them.
    Canuck - Cats fine, shes not interested in the cards now that their out of the box!