Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Another one of my top cards and also some paypal woes.

Been a while since I posted a card, cant remember what number I'm up to so we'll forgo with the numbering for this post.

2010 Topps series 2 Hat logos.

When I first saw these cards on the bay they were going for more than I was willing to pay. The ones that I saw listed with reasonable shipping to the UK were all BIN's for between $12 -$20. I was tempted but knew the second I hit buy it now another one would be listed for half the price. My patience payed off and at the end of last month one came up at auction with good shipping rates to the UK. Good shipping rates for me are between $2 and $5, although I have paid more. I managed to snag the card for $7, shipping was an extra $4. So for a grand total of $11! That made it cheaper than all the BINs that I saw so I was happy with that.

The card is numbered 97/99 and as usual features Adam Lind. It is of course manufactured and not a genuine GU or player worn item. I'm ok with that because I liked the look of it, to be honest even if I didnt like the look of it I'd still want it because I needed it for the collection. The card does look much better in person, looking at the picture I have posted it does look a little bit frayed around the edges of some of the stitches but trust me its not like that at all when you take a good look at it.

I was hoping to post my Lind 2010 A&G auto by now but it still has not arrived. Its now the 18th day since it was shipped. I have contacted the seller to explain I have not received it yet and explained that it may be held up somewhere. The seller was fine with that and requested I keep him updated, which I will. Maybe it will arrive today, its now 1330 so the post should be here any minute. I feel like a kid at Christmas everyday when I know I have cards coming!

Now onto some paypal issues that I'm having. I don't do much selling on Ebay but this month I had to get rid of some Formula one tickets for silverstone. I put them up for sale 5 days before the race as a BIN and they sold within an hour of being listed, made a nice profit too. Now because I don't sell often and because the item was classed as high risk my payment was held by paypal until either I was left feedback or 21 days had passed. The person who bought them has not left me feedback, and that pissed me off because I included a few extras with the tickets. And its now been 21 days and the funds are still showing as pending! I'm not desperate for the cash its just that I've set myself new rules when it comes to buying cards. The rules are anything I make on Ebay sales I get to spend on cards or anything else I might want. This way it keeps my bank account out of the red and gives me an exact budget of what I can spend.

There are two things that I want to get and I refuse to break my new rules. So here I am waiting for paypal to say 'Here's your money! Thanks for choosing Paypal!'. I had no choice when it came to using paypal because I don't want the hassle of cashing cheques or money orders so they have me over a barrel and I just have to grin and take it. On the other hand I LOVE paypal when I'm buying because of the convenience, they should just make it more a little bit more equal for buyers and sellers.

The two things I want to buy are some Heritage packs that the Hairylemons sister was nice enough to pick up for me when she went to Florida and also an Adam Lind Finest gold refractor. I hope these funds are released by the end of the day. We shall wait and see...


  1. Tony,I can pick up the lind gold if you want,just pay me back when your funds clear.

    love the hat logo,I know they are not the real thing but I think hey look really cool.

  2. Simon, sounds good to me! If its still listed by the time you see this then grab it for me please. I'm calling paypal tomorrow to try and sort this out. I want my cash!!

  3. My funds just cleared, at 1130pm! Just picked up the card and also sent payment to your sister.
    Thanks for the offer!