Sunday, 7 November 2010

Fake cards on eBay UK

I have never come across fake card sellers on eBay UK, at least none that I have noticed.

Its very rare that a high dollar card will be listed on this site as the majority of cards are basic team lots, junk wax and a couple of autos/GU every now and then.

While checking over what new cards have been listed I came across this.

Now I have no proof that this fake, other than the fact the auto doesn't look right, the 1/1 is marked 01/01 ( I'm pretty sure thats not a Topps trait) and its a Bowman Originals buyback case but contains a Topps Heritage.

This is the back of the same card. Notice it says Bowman on the case and below it says Certified Autograph Issue. The auction also says it comes with a hologram code, which you can see on the case. Isn't there a site that you can enter this code to see what it matches? Can anyone tell me what that site is because it would be handy to know.

I have just checked the the Bowman Original checklist and it does not contain any cards that were not Bowman products, so this Topps Heritage should have no place in this set.

Now perhaps I'm jumping the gun and this card is 100% legit but how would that explain this:

Same seller with another Pujols 1/1 auto. Again this is not a Bowman product! This is 2002 T206 and just like the previous card has absolutely no place in this set.

So what do you think? Fake or real?

I'm going with fake and will be watching this auction over the next twenty four hours to see what it goes for or to see if its pulled.

If you're interested in checking out these piss poor listing's then here are the links: Heritage and T206.

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