Friday, 12 November 2010

Even more Adam Lind pick ups!

Back again with some Lind cards that I have recently picked up.

Its been like Christmas this week with an average of three bubble mailers dropping through my letter box everyday! Its been fun, especially since I have been off the last few days trying to crack Black Ops, thats a tough game!

Anyway onto the goodies! (WARNING BLURRY PICTURES AHEAD!)

First up with have this 2007 Upper Deck Spectrum Die Cut Gold Rookie numbered 04/50. I'm not familiar with this product at all, in-fact I had never heard of it until someone on the The Bench responded to a thread I had started.

Its not a particulier nice looking set. The card is not your traditional rectangular ship. As you can see in the picture, the edges kinda slope off on both the top right and bottom left. I dont think that looks good at all. When I see a card thats shaped in a strange way I just think that its more prone to damage. Why cant cards just be the same shape? Whats wrong with that?

Next is a new Exquisite I can add to my collection. I love Exquisite! The cards just scream quality.

This card is numbered 20/40 and features Lind with Blue Jays pitcher Jesse Litsch. I'm not to sure who Litsch is so I had to do a little research about him. It looks as if he has been up and down to the minors since coming up with Jays in 2007. He has 21-24 win/loss record and 194 strikeouts. Not to bad. Hes still a young guy so who knows, he may find his form one day, since he most definitely has the skills.

The final card I'll show is this 2007 Moments and Milestones Rookie. I think this came from the same guy as the Exquisite. I thought I already had this card but it turns out I didnt. Its not a bad looking card. My only criticism is that the sticker auto is inserted into a cut out in the card, I dont think that was necessary and does not make the card look any better.

That's it for now, I have a few more to show off in the coming days.

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