Saturday, 6 November 2010

Taking inspiration from the Hairylemon

A few days (weeks?) back, Simon AKA the Hairylemon posted on his blog 7 Hours from Tampa Bay a really nice James Shields card that he picked up. Click on the link to see that post and the card.
The card he posted about was a Shields Sweet Spot 2006 Leather Auto 5/20. I really liked the look of the leather inside the card and the autograph worked really well with it. Unfortunately I couldn't find the Adam Lind equivalent. He does have a few 2007 Sweet Spot Leather cards available, all of which have fairly low print runs.

I did however find this little beauty sitting on a few days ago!

This is a 2007 Sweet Spot Signatures Black Bat Barrel Silver Ink numbered 9/15.

Like I said this came from as opposed to my usual haunt, is a much better site for cards but I'd say around 75% of the sellers will not ship outside of the country and most don't even respond to a question about shipping which is a real pain in the arse. The sellers that do send overseas charge anything from $1 (in a PWE) up to $24.99, which in most cases is double or even triple the cost of the card they are selling. The seller of this card charged a little more than I like to pay, $6.50 but the chances of me seeing this card again is pretty slim so I was happy to pay.

I actually had to let a few other cards in my watch list end without bidding on them in order to go after this one. I even let what could have been my first and only 1/1 slip through my fingers so I had to make sure I won this card and thanks to a little sniping in the closing seconds this baby is making its way to Wales!

This card is number 125 in my collection, hope to get to 175 by Christmas but its getting harder to find newer cards at reasonable prices or to trade.

Does anyone out there have any Lind cards that they want to trade or even sell? I'm looking for everything, not just autos and GU. Please get in touch if you have something you think I may like.


  1. Those bat cards are awesome and auto'd too. Nice!!!

  2. Thanks! Pretty pleased with this one and I had never seen one before so its nice to add a bit of rarity to the collection.

  3. That is a thing of beauty.Really nice add Tony,what was the 1/1 you let go?

  4. The 1/1 was nothing to fancy, just a plate from 2010 Chrome. I think I made the right choice with this though.

  5. 100% agree with you there,Sweet Spot stuff is so nice to look at.I miss Upper Deck they did high end just a wee bit better than Topps.

  6. I love Sweet Spot autos... especially the bat & glove cards... so congrats on picking up his bat card. Now that I have processed the fact that you collect Lind into my brain... I'll keep my eyes out for you. Keep up the great blog... you and Hairylemon are awesome!

  7. Thanks Fuji. I hope to able to write a blog as good as yours one day!