Tuesday, 14 September 2010

A few more minis

Thanks to some generosity from John I have finally gotten some new minis for the set!

First is Persephone, from the Lords of Olympus subset. She was the Goddess of the Underworld and the daughter of Zeus and Zeus's sister, Demeter. Was it common for Greek Gods to keep it in the family like that? Weird. Still at least I learnt something new.

Next we have a few regular players.

Top left is Joe Nathan of the Twins. I actual remember Joe when he player for the Giants a long time ago but didnt know much about his time with the Twins apart from he was at the All Star game last year. Hes missed the entire season this year due to having Tommy John surgery.

Top right is Jorge Cantu pictured as a Marlin but he was recently traded to the Rangers.

Bottom is Nick Markakis of the Orioles. Nick is famous for having a stupid last name.
Seriously though he is a pretty good player. He just needs to get out of Baltimore if he wants to win something.

By the way the Markakis is a A&G back. The other two are normal.

Black bordered minis! Beautiful looking cards!
On the left is some dude called Tiago Della Vega who is the worlds fastest guitar player and you could be too if you practiced for 14 hours a day like this guy did. I've not heard him play but according the back of the card he can play at an incredible 38 BPS. I'll need to check that out on YouTube!

Next to him is Francisco Rodriguez of the Mets. He was arrested and charged with third-degree assault for allegedly attacking his father-in-law a few weeks. What was the deal with that? That's something else I need to check out.

The final two cards featuring another favourite of mine, the National Animals.
Top is Argentina and their animal the Cougar. Big cats are cool so this card is a winner.

Bottom is Turkey and their animal the Gray Wolf. According to the card the wolf is their national animal because in ancient times their ancestors were raised amongst the wolves who then lead the Turks to freedom.

If you look at the top right of the above photo you will see something entering the shot.

Meet Poppet, the baseball card hungry cat!
This cat has damaged a few cards since we got her a year ago. Some were destroyed and had to be replaced, such as a bunch of 2009 Heritage cards that got shredded in a binder. Guess she thought it was a scratching post.
The most recent attack was when she managed to fish out a few cards from my monster box of commons, inserts and numbered cards. I don't know how she got that lid off. Luckily she only grabbed a bunch of 87 and 97 Topps so it was not a massive issue, it just taught me to be a bit more careful.
Incidentally all the cards she picked out of the box were Royals players.
Make of that what you will.
One more thing. Check out this blog that I contribute too. You may see a few other familiar bloggers there and maybe some new ones.


  1. That's one nice looking cat.Some nice additions to the mini collection Tony. Just found your message on my Shields pc page,You are correct I don't have that one and will gladly take it off your hands.

  2. Thanks captain. I'm sure the cat will be back at some point.
    Simon - Yeah I guess I should have emailed you about it. I'm still waiting on it to arrive, I thought it would have been here by now but as soon as I have it I'll send it on your way.