Friday, 17 September 2010

Unexpected expectedness from Redsox101

Is expectedness even a word?

Who cares.

So I woke up a few hours ago, I've drunk about 6 cups of tea and smoked way to many cigarettes (Warning: smoking is bad DONT DO IT!).

Today will be a lazy day. I have a few DVDs to watch, nothing exciting just a few that I've not seen for a while. I'm going to watch Hatchet first, followed by Dead Snow and probably finish off with a Romero film. There's a bit of a theme developing there. Then after that I think I'll have a bash at the new Halo game.

But the DVDs and Halo are on hold for the moment because a bubble mailer has just come through my door. Looking at the return address I can see its from Matt (or Redsox101 if you prefer) who I have traded with before. He said he had something to send me so I was expecting it although I did not expect to get what I did!

I've talked about Matt a few times in the past and he always sends nice cards. This time was no different.

I'm not going to show all the cards because there were a lot. We'll start with the highlights of the cards that I was expecting and then I will show you what makes Matt an excellent trader.

He sent me a stack of Chicle that I think I may have gotten from one of his many pack breaks that he does on his blog. I focused on these two cards because it shows all that is wrong with Chicle. Price reminds me of a Japanese soldier from the HBO show the Pacific. It does not remind me of David Price.

Tom Seaver or is it really Toms evil twin? The picture looks really creepy and I think hes hiding something in his glove. What do you think it could be? I don't really want to say what he reminds me of because I want to keep this blog as unoffensive as possible. But if you really must know what I think then do a google image search of Arrested Developments Tobias Funke's business card... Oh to hell with it, I'll do the search for you.

In short alot of the artists impressions of current and old players of the game leave a lot to be desired. Don't get me wrong both the Price and Seaver are very well done and the Chicle concept is brilliant. It was just poorly executed.

Next he included a bunch of Goudeys.

I never thought I would miss Upper Deck but I do. This is how Chicle should have looked. Design is flawless and the art is perfect. Maybe one day soon UD will return and we can all enjoy this set once more.

Speaking of Upper Deck, Matt also sent these.

Masterpieces. What can I say about this set? I could spend the next hour talking through the designs and variations that this set offered but I wont. I have nothing negative to say about this set, which is probably a first for me. Beardy of the Mojo Beard is making his own online unlicensed Masterpieces. Go check it out.

Now onto the unexpectedness.


Six new minis for the set. Including another sweet black bordered beauty as well as a new dinosaur and lords of Olympus. I love this set!

All the above cards were wrapped up together but there was another small wrapped up package included.

On the front it says simply - Surprise :)

What could be in here I thought? What else could he surprise me with? For a start I wasn't expecting the minis so what ever is in this other package must be something really good.

I noticed that the package rattled when I shook it. Yes I shook it. I wanted to guess what was inside since it was pretty thick. The rattle suggested that it was a few cards in a snap case and so shaking it will probably damage the cards so I stopped doing that.

I did not expect to find this looking back at me when I ripped the package open.

A 2009 Topps uncirculated auto of my main man Adam Lind! Holy frack! This really was a HUGE surprise! Notice the tamper proof sticker over the top of the card that I'm awfully tempted to remove so I can remove the card and have a proper look but I wont. This is going to be the only Lind card I own that I have never personally touched. That sounded weird but I think you get what I mean by that.

Matt you have gone above and beyond! I can not thank you enough for all the cards and especially the Lind auto.

I have some things to send your way too but its going to have to wait for a while until I get something else to include that will be to the same standard of what you sent.

Oh by the way Matt is the same guy that's running this break. Please join up!


  1. Sweet Lind auto,I almost traded for that the other day,glad I didn't now.Take a look at the Madison Bumgarner SP in the Chicle set,it looks as if he is doing a course of radiation treatment.I agree about the Masterpiece set,they are such cool looking cards.I miss Upper Deck.