Sunday, 29 August 2010

Some new pick ups

Hi Folks.

This post is a little premature since I don't actually have the following cards in hand but I don't care, I just want to show them! I mostly set out get some cards to trade so I hit the forums, Ebay, COMC and other blogs to see if there was anything out there that I would consider a good deal. I wont bore you with the trade bait that I picked up, well not until a later post when I have them in hand. I just want to show two cards that I picked up from COMC. I stole the scans.

1949 Bowman Bobby Thomson. Who doesn't like vintage? Not quite his RC but only a year removed. Sure it looks a little rough around the edges and a little faded but it will be the oldest card in my collection and will look great next to the other Thomsons. I have a few other Thomsons from the 50's but they don't feature him in a Giants uniform and in my opinion don't look as good so I doubt I'll ever post them.

Secondly a JT Snow 1994 Signature Rookies Draft Picks Signatures numbered to ONLY 7750! This card in my opinion was an absolute steal at only $2! JT snow was the Giants first baseman when I first got into baseball and at the time my favourite player. He is also the first player auto that I ever owned. An auto that I picked up from the Giants store in San Francisco. Its on an official NL MLB ball and I loved it! In fact I still have the ball and its actually displayed in my house much to the dismay of my wife. I was thinking of putting this card with the ball but my cat goes for the cards so it will have to stay in a box.
Thats it for now although I still have credit on COMC so I might pick something else up.


  1. The Thomson is an awesome pick up,I love those 48-49 cards. Still looking for a decent priced Branca one.

  2. Nice Pick Tony 2 bucks for a JT thats awesome