Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Ebay seller makes me laugh

Hi folks.
Just a small post to let you know I'm still kicking.
During my daily Ebay scan for new cards, which by the way has been great the past few weeks with newer cards being listed such as 2010 Ginter and Heritage, I came across one of the 'normal' listings you would expect to find on the UK bay and that's a massive lot of junk from 88-92. I almost always check these sort of listing's because there may be a hidden gem in there somewhere although I have never found one.
This auction is no different. A mountain of junk with a low start. I'm not bidding on this item but I just wanted to bring it to your attention because it gave me a chuckle.
Just click the link and read the second line. You have to love an honest seller who calls them as he sees them.


  1. Just to let you know im sending the surprise tommorow after school and also that guy on ebay is s great seller :)

  2. Thanks buddy. I have a few things here to send you, I just need to find the time to get to the post office.