Saturday, 28 August 2010

Fujis contest is over and there is a winner...


During the past few weeks Sanjosefuji has been hosting a great contest that has gotten a lot of interest from a lot of people.
He had an amazing and diverse assortment of prizes that could be won, including TTM auto'd baseball cards, complete sets, packs, a 1/1 printing plate and also some oddball stuff like Garbage pail kids and the 4400. Fuji stated that the winner would get to pick what ever prize they wanted and the others would be randomed off between the runners up.

Since I won I could pick whatever I wanted. I choose some cards that I have been wanting to collect for a while and that's wrestling cards! I picked a set of 2008 TNA Impact wrestling cards with a random auto from the set, I'm hoping for a Nash, Jarrett or Christian Cage but to be honest I'll take anything! Just please no Shark Boy! Fuji recently busted a ton of this stuff, go check that out.

So its a big thanks to Fuji for his amazing, well thought out contest. I still cant believe I won!


  1. Good guess on the last question. You nailed it! Congratulations on winning!

  2. Bravo Tony. In the style of Hacksaw Jim Duggan "W.A.L.E.S, W.A.L.E.S"

  3. good job i got killed in that contest XD

  4. Congratulations Tony,
    Can't believe i came 3rd, Was the only one to back the Phillies.

    I think they sell TNA cards in UK news agents!

  5. Hey Tony... I actually think I might have sent you Shark Boy... maybe not. Can't remember who I packaged in the deal. Congratulations on winning the contest and participating in the "question of the day" posts.

  6. Its all good Fuji. Any auto works for me. Thanks!