Sunday, 1 August 2010

Gold at the end of the rainbow.

At some point this week I should be able to complete (almost) my Adam Lind Finest rainbow.

I have the regular #599, the blue #299 and the green #99. I bought the gold last week and cant wait to have it next to the others.
There is also a red #25 and a purple #1. The purple I don't think I will ever own and I have never even seen it come up for sale or trade since the product was released. The same goes for the red. They probably both came up at some point but I just missed them.
I'm happy call the rainbow complete with just the regular, blue, green and gold. But will still be on the look out for the red.
One goal I have this year is to get 20% of the Lind cards out there. I'm currently on 11%, this does not include the cards that are above the Atlantic somewhere. If you check out the list of Lind's cards that I have you will notice there aren't many base cards, simple reason for this is the cost of shipping to the UK. Why would I want to pick up a base card for $1 and then pay sometimes 5 times that for shipping? Its just not worth it. With all the collectors out there someone must have some spare Lind base cards lying around just begging to go to a new home.
If you have some Lind base then please let me know. Perhaps we can work out a trade or a price for them. Or you might even want to give them away :) If you do want to give them away then send me an email, I dont mind covering your shipping costs.


  1. Got to love that rainbow! I hate the fact that some cards are just so unobtainable, but keep searching you never know your luck.

  2. Thanks! I'll get the pics up of the gold when I get it.