Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Amazing generosity from a fellow blogger!

I got an email from John at pursuit of 80'sness the other day saying he had a Bobby Thomson on card auto that he was going to send my way. It arrived this morning!

This is my first auto of Thomson and also my first Goudey card. I nicked this picture off of Johns blog, hope you don't mind! I tried to take a picture with my own camera but it never came out right.
What I like about this card is on the back there's actually some information about the player and not just the usual 'congratulations you have received an autograph of ...'. Also the auto being on card is awesome!
This card can go with my Thomson GU card, my 1953 Red man tobacco card and the other Thomsons that I have. I really want to display the GU,auto and Red man but due to one of my cats love for cardboard it wouldn't be a good idea. The last thing I'd want to find is a half chewed up card that has been ripped from its case, next to a grinning cat. So at the moment they will all live in a box with my Lind collection.
Massive thank you to John again! I hope to repay you soon.


  1. Nice Thomson's. You should post a picture of your card eating cat. Mine once jumped onto a storage shelf full of cards I had just sorted into about thirty piles sending them flying in different directions. Then I had to struggle to get him off the shelf without causing even more damage.

  2. That is one sweet card. Love old school guys autos,new stars could learn alot about crisp autos,Tim Lincecum I'm talking to you.

  3. I really like Goudey (old and new) Hairylemon is right about the auto too, that's why I think I kept hold of it. But is also a pleasure to see cards in the hands of someone who appreciates them.