Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Merry Christmas to me!!

I know its a few weeks after Christmas but today some of my Christmas buys arrived, not all of them, but some.

I'm only going to feature one card, one card that is probably now the jewel in my collection.

Here is my one and only 1/1!!

2007 Exquisite Collections Rookie Signature
Imagery Autographs Silver Spectrum

I picked this up from the bench for what I think was an absolute steal, since I have bought other Lind cards with a much higher print run for more than I paid for this.

Now I hope my other cards show up this week, because I'm tired of waiting.


  1. That is SWEET!!!!!!!.I know how you feel about waiting for cards,I have cards outgoing and incoming not arrived that were mailed 3 weeks ago.Bloody snow. Anyhoo congrats on a super cool 1/1.

  2. Cheers, very happy with the card!
    Its been a real pain with the post, I've found that anything posted before the 27th Dec is taking a while to arrive, whereas anything posted after is arriving much quicker. I'm still waiting on three packets that I know were sent on the 23rd. Hopefully they will arrive tomorrow.

  3. How much did you pay for this? I have the exact same card but with Silver Ink for the autograph and Gold Lettering instead of Silver.