Thursday, 14 October 2010

Massive 2009 T206 mailday

Just over a week ago I picked up a lot of 2009 T206 cards from eBay UK. I caught the auction about 20 minutes before it ended and I entered my bid with about 30 seconds to go.

Here is what was in the eBay listing:

I am offering for sale a lot of Topps T206 Baseball cards from the 2009 set, there are base cards, minis and parallels included in this lot; there will also be one autographed rookie card with Piedmont border.

The cards are as follows,
178 base cards out of 300,
9 no number picture variation short prints out of, I believe, 50,
35 bronze border parallels,
31 Piedmont back minis,
6 Polar Bear back minis,
2 Old Mill back minis,
2 Cycle back minis numbered out of 99.

Very vague description, there's no mention of who the auto will be of or the cycle backs. So how do you think I did?

Here are all the base cards, a nice big mountain for me to sort through! It contained the usual suspects and was nice to go through. The one thing I dislike about the set is that there are no stats on the back. Still the cards themselves are very well done.

This base card jumped out at me. Its Josh Hamilton of the Rangers. How cool is this picture?
Next the short prints. They could have picked a different picture for the Mantle since this is the same as some of his checklists that are featured in the set. I really like the Arod (bottom left) with the New York skyline in the back.

These are the bronze bordered cards. Not much to say about these, they look nice but there was no card that jumped out at me.

Ah, the Minis! I love minis! Here are the Piedmont backs. A few nice cards in the bunch including a nice Thurman munson and Babe Ruth.

The Polar bear backs

The Old Mill backs. Not to shabby, Johnson and Gehrig.

The Cycle backs, numbered out of 99. Very happy that I got a Lincecum!

The auto. Shairon Martis of the Nationals. Who the hell is that?!

There was also another little bonus in the box that arrived. One that wasn't advertised in the auction description and it was a card that blew all the other cards out of the water, even the Lincecum Cycle back.


A Gold chrome mini numbered out of 50! This was a HUGE surprise! I didnt even now that 2009 206 had gold chrome minis, I thought that was just for 2010.

All in all not bad. Also included were two empty hobby boxes, T206 and A&G that the cards were packed into so that was also cool.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring? I'm still waiting on a few more packages.


  1. I would say you did very well.The Ichiro is a fantastic card,I can't find it listed anywhere but would guess it's at least $20bv.As for the Auto Martis is a starting pitcher in triple A.Has started for the big club,not a great one to get though.Did you get these from comic book fanatic?

  2. Yep, got them from that seller. I've picked up some great cards from him in the past.
    I checked that pitcher out too, hes still pretty young so you never know, probably end up a scrub though.
    I've been looking for a BV on Ichiro too, cant find anything. Other Gold chromes are going for between $5 and $35, depending on the player.
    Still cant complain, the whole lost cost £10 with shipping.

  3. The Ichiro has got to be at the top end of the price scale.His rare stuff goes for a good amount.Anyway all that lot for a tenner is very good business indeed.

  4. Tony every dog has his day,
    just sell it on Martis'.
    I like the Ichiro as well.