Tuesday, 12 October 2010

A few Basketball cards

I picked up a few Ginter autos from a seller on eBay UK a few days ago. I had most of the sellers items on my watch list and managed to win the majority of their auctions. While I was waiting for the first card I was bidding on to end, I decided to take a look at the sellers other auctions and came across a few basketball cards.

Now I dont know a great deal about basketball but I did recognise a few names, that's what prompted me to put a bid on each card. I won all his basketball cards (I was the only bidder) and they arrived today along with the Ginter autos.

The cards above are 2008-09 Topps Treasury. The LeBron James is a ripped rip card and the Allen Iverson is the exclusive mini that was inside. Both cards were included in the same auction.

The James is numbered to 99 but has a huge rip down the back, which is what you would expect for a ripped rip card! The mini is numbered to 278.

Now I had heard of the above two players, the next two however I have no clue! Perhaps one of you could tell me if they are any good.

This is a 2009-10 Playoff National Treasures NBA Gear Dual Prime featuring James Johnson of the Bulls. Like I said I have no idea who this dude is but I really like the card, I like most types of jersey cards and it doesn't hurt that its numbered to only 49.

The last bball card I picked up was this 2009-10 SP Game Used Signature Fabrics of Ramon Sessions. It features a nice jersey auto combo although the auto looks as if the pen used was the wrong type for the card.
It was nice to win these few cards so I could get an idea of what products in other sports are like but I dont think I'm going to start collecting anything other than baseball so the above cards are all available for trade. Let me know if your interested.

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